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    Hell Sir,

    I have below question:
    I am on L1A from Comp1. Comp2 is filling H1B for me on 1st April 2011.
    1.) Can I travel to India after 1st April 2011 for 1 month and come back on L1A visa till my H1B gets approved?
    2.) If I go to India for 1 month vacation will it affect my H1B visa processing?

    Thanks in Advance
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    If the H1B is filed as a consular process, then you can travel. If it is filed as a COS, then it is highly advisable that you don't travel until Oct 1st. If the H1B is files as a consular process, then in order to work for the H1B employer, you should leave the country and return back in H1B visa as the status won't automatically change to H1B.
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