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First time H1b interview experiences - Please share your experiences

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  • First time H1b interview experiences - Please share your experiences

    Hi all

    I will going in april 2nd week of 2005 for first time h1b interview Who ever have taken the recent interview if can please share the experiene will be really nice of you. Like what all were asked and what you replied and overall how was the experience during the interview. It would really helpfull for me as I am little nervous for the interview

    Thanks and Regards


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    don't be nervous at all my friend. The moment they gauge that u are nervous they will start suspecting you and start all different sorts of background checks. this will eventually delay the process. So be cool and utterly look confident. There is no big deal. If you have all the papers there is no way they will reject ur case. In case they ask you for some more docs u will have to produce that.

    Some typical questions that they ask during interview is :

    1. How did you get this job?
    2. Why do want to goto US when the job scene is pretty good in india?
    3. How well do you know your comapny?
    (The more detailed ur answer the better it is)
    4. What will u do there? Which client will u be working for?
    5. If your salry is less. TRhe may ask why is it less.

    They basically just want to be confirmed that u are a genuine and authentic person and if u are there is no reason to be nervous.

    all the best.
    let us know ur experiences.



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      Hi manish,

      No need to worry at all. Make sure that u have all required documents.
      Be confident and try to answer the questions in brief.

      It may not happen with you but as a precautionary measure get aware of sec 221(g) well in advance and make sure that u won't fall under that.

      Good luck.