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Digital Photo for DS-160 Form (H1B Photo)

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  • Digital Photo for DS-160 Form (H1B Photo)

    Hello All,

    Just thought that I would share my experience here. I have been receiving help from these forums a lot and I thought that its my time to share something. It might be trivial but useful.

    Over the last week I have been visiting all Walgreens and CVS places to get a passport size photo of myself in a digital format (CD or pen-drive) for the DS-160 form, but none of them did it. The immediate next thought was to get a bright photo taken and scan it and upload it. But that reduced the quality of the image and was rejected many times in the upload process.
    Finally I found a Walgreens which gave me my photo on a CD but then their software would not let them write the Passport re-sized image to a CD. This kinda drove me nuts.

    I came home and searched on the net for some tools to resize my photo to US Passport size (or US Visa specifications). I re-sized my photo and uploaded it, DS-160 accepted the photo and told me that it met all the requirements. I felt like a fool having spent approx $40 on nothing.

    Hope this helps everyone looking for a solution for their digital copy of a photo for the DS-160.


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    Hi alikavi,

    This info will be very helpful to me.I was also planning to zero in on one of the pharmacies for the photo.