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H4 Extension Stamping without H1 Stamping ???

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  • H4 Extension Stamping without H1 Stamping ???

    1. My wife plans to visit INDIA and get stamped for her H4 extension at a Chennai Consulate. Both of us got Visa Approval Notice for our H1 and H4 extension (for the same Employer). Presently I am not planning for INDIA trip. Can my wife get stamped at Chennai without my H1B stamping on the passport ???. (Our current visa stamping in the passport is already expired which is Feb 2005.).

    2. My W2 and Income Tax form for the year 2001 shows my annual salary as $45,800. My LCA for that year as filed by that employer was $45,000. Employment offer letter from that employer was $52,000. (Difference between offer and actual salary is due to loss of employment in that year.). Will this considered as low salary for that year ??? Will there be any problem in stamping in H4 visa for my wife because of this ???.

    Looking your suggestions please.