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Not joining the project when it got delayed

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  • Not joining the project when it got delayed

    I am on H1B. I recently got laid-off from company A. I got new H1B sponsor from COMPANY B. They applied for H1B Transfer. I got one contract project confirmation from client X. Initially they agreed to start the project on certain day . Later without giving any proper notice they postponed to 3 days . Even after 2-3 days I don't have clear picture from them about my project start date.
    To avoid uncertainty & In order to secure my job and pay , again I started applying to different positions and got one offer from Company Y and committed to them . But unfortunately on the same day evening the Company X also gave a confirmation on project date for next week. To avoid the confusion, I told to Company X about the issue and gave clear picture on my possible move. Since I committed to COMPANY Y on this morning, I can't join the project of Client X.

    I told to client X that ,I will join the project and serve the notice period as per the employment agreement made by Company B.
    But he was not in a position to listen my answer. And insisting me to join the project and If not they told me that they will file LAWSUIT against me. Let me know what I have to do.

    FYI: As per the employment agreement, I signed for 4 weeks prior notice to both parties.