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H1 visa DS-160 form help

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  • H1 visa DS-160 form help

    Hello Everyone,

    My situation is kind of different from others. I am currently on H1 since may 2011 and planning to go for stamping to india later in sept. or oct 2011. I am actually planning to get married after my visa date, so as far I know i would keep my status as " Single" while filling the form. But when I opt to bring my fiancee later in dec 2011, Do I need to attend the visa interview again as my staus wldnt be single any more? Would she face any problm while attending the interview herself as my staus would be shown as single and she would be considered married while coming on a dependant visa ...

    Its really confusing for me .. Pease help me out

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    Not an issue. You don't need to attend the visa interview again just beciase you got married. As long as your wife carries the marriage certificate and few marriage photographs, she can attend the H4 visa interview.
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