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Do we need to take Company Annual reports for H1B stamping in CANADA?

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  • Do we need to take Company Annual reports for H1B stamping in CANADA?

    I almost decided to go to chennai for my first time H1B stamping, from the official website

    we need to take company Annual Reports for interview.

    My question is if i go for stamping in CANADA, do i need to take these documents too? Or they are not required in CANADA?

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    Can you guys also please tell me how important is it to carry this annual report for interview in channai, please also answer for the first question!!


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      In general it is good to carry these unless the company is a reputed, well-known one to show that the company has the ability to pay you. These are recommended and not required documents at any consulate/embassy.
      This is my opinion and not legal advice.


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        Thanks a lot for your reply sir,

        I am employed on a full time time direct job. My employer is saying, i cannot trust you and handle the document(Annual Report) to your hand, he says, once i go for interview, if the Visa Officer asks you for this document, ask the VISA officers email id and phone number and our company attorney will forward the scanned copy of the original document to the VISA officer.

        Have you ever heard of a case like this? Can you suggest me what to do? do you think this works.


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          If your company is not publicly traded, they have a right to not disclose their financials to you. In such a case the VO may issue a 221g with these documents and then the company can directly send these to the consulate.
          If the company is publicly traded these reports should be easily available on their website.
          In general there is less likelihood that you will be asked for the report if this is not a typical IT contracting type of business.
          This is my opinion and not legal advice.


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            Thanks a lot for your information again Sir,

            You have cleared my biggest confusion. You have replied better than many others. Thanks a lot.


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              if you don't mind, can you clarify this one doubt, if i am issued 221g, you said my company mails the documents to the consulate directly -- is this by default how 221g works or i have to request the VO saying that my company will mail the documents directly to them?

              What should i do then, i will get my passport? or do i have to schedule a VISA interview again and attend after that?


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                You will have to ask the VO.
                If that happens you will have to wait in Canada until they process the information and make the decision on your Visa.
                This is my opinion and not legal advice.


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                  No i am going to chennai, Not Canada, i thought these documents were mandatory in chennai and not needed in Canada,

                  Since u said they are not mandatory documents in any embassy, i will not carry them to Chennai, if the VO issues me a 221g, then i have to ask my employer if he could post the documents to the embassy, or else i have to see if i can ask the chennai VO to let my company send it to them directly.