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H1 Extension issue

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  • H1 Extension issue


    I work for an MNC and joined this company in US.

    My initial H1 is valid till June 2011 and my company files my H1 extn in July 2011.

    When verified with company on H1 extn, they gave me wrong information that they filed my H1 extn with due date.

    I came to know about delayed filing only after looking into H1 extn receipt.

    When I asked company to move my extn premium to Premium processing they are not doing it.

    Right now I am waiting for H1 approval notice and I am worried about my approval.

    Can someone please guide me on what options/rights do I have in this case. Can I file complaint against my employer on providing wrong information?

    Any information in this regards is highly appreciated,

    Thanks in advance,