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H1B 221(g) Green Slip

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  • H1B 221(g) Green Slip

    I went to Delhi consulate on 14 march 2012.Visa Officer was lady. She asked me following question:

    where will you working?

    Who is your employer?

    Who is your manager?

    What is your employer Company do?

    Tell me about client?

    My role and responsibilities?

    After asking above quetion, she gave me 221g green slip and mark on I797,I129,Client letter ,LCA, then I told her i have all document.

    She said that arrange all document and come again in queue.

    After arranging all document i went to counter, She took all docs and said that i will take a decision in some days and let you know, you can go now.

    Any one help me ????????

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    There are plenty of similar cases from New Delhi consulate. Search and read the posts on 221g / admin process. The minute they hear they you woprk at the cloient location, they want to go for an admin process to verify the employer/employee relationship. There is nothing much to do now except wait for the admin process to complete. The timeline cannot be determined as they are case by case basis.
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