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Change of Employer - H1B Visa Stamping Status

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  • Change of Employer - H1B Visa Stamping Status

    Hi there,
    I came to USA on H1B Visa, in Jul-2010 with a VISA Stamping in my Passport valid Until Aug 2012 & I-94 valid until Aug 2012 . After coming to US, I had to change my employer. So the H1B Visa is transfered to my current employer and which is valid Until Sep 2012 as per the new I797 & I-94.

    Now I am planning a short trip to India in the Month of Jun-2012 for 2 weeks. So would like to know whether a fresh H1B stamping is required because my employer is changed.

    OR I can travel to India in JUN-2012 and can come back without any fresh stamping as the Visa on my passport is valid until Aug 2012.

    Best Regards,

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    You can use the existing valid H1B visa with the approval notice from the current employer to re-enter U.S.
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