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Urgent - Please help on H1b transfer

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  • Urgent - Please help on H1b transfer

    Hi, I am currently on H1 with company A. I want to join company B and the same has applied H1 transfer (premuim). I need help to understand get answers to the following scenarios

    1) I get a RFE on the transfer request while I am still with company A. Can I still join company B while the RFE is being answered/responded ?

    In other words can I work for employer B while an RFE is issued and being responded

    2) Based on receipt of H1 transfer application receipt from USCIS, i join company B. The application is denied and company B plans to file an appeal. - can i continue to work legally for the period the denial notice was received, appeal submitted and decision made and communicated?

    Please advise. Thanks in advance!
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    You can work for B based on receipt, but if their petition is denied you will be out of status and just filing an MTR/Appeal will not give you any legal status.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.