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H4 Visa Extension. Need help from someone deliberately !!

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  • H4 Visa Extension. Need help from someone deliberately !!

    Hi All,

    I was in H4 Visa and my Visa got expired last month. Right now, I am in India for the past 6 months. My husband had applied for his H1B extension and got approved for the next three years. Since I was in India, I could not file for H4 extension along with my husband's extension.

    My husband is cuming to India next month for his H1 stamping. In such case, Can i join my husband for my Visa stamping for H4 ? Will there be any issue of - me not filed for H4 extension ?

    Have anyone of u had come across this situation.

    It would be very helpful if anyone could help me.


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    There is no status when you are outside the US and hence there is nothing to extend. As long as you left the US before your I-94 expiry, there is no illegal stay. Now all you need to do is apply for H4 Visa like before using your spouse's H1 approval notice and travel to US.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.