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h1b remainder option

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  • h1b remainder option

    a h1b validity is for total 6 years. first they will issue for 3 years. then extension for another 3 years.

    i had a new h1b in april 2005. then h1b extension was filed in may 2008.

    but i had come back to india in november 2006. and returned only in jan 2008. and again returned to india in may 2009. after which i have not gone back to the usa.

    so of the first h1b, whose validity is between april 2005 and april 2008, of the 36 months total i had used only 23 months (april 2005 to november 2006. again jan 2008 to april 2008).

    of the h1b extension, i had used only 12 months (may 2008 to may 2009).

    so will i be able to avail of the 11 months balance in the first h1b and also the 24 months balance in the h1b extension under the remainder option?

    appreciate the feedback.