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How to check my H1 visa is valid or not?

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  • How to check my H1 visa is valid or not?


    I was an employee to one company A till sep 2011, Due to personal reason I quit that company A and went back to my home country. After one year (on sep 2012) I call my employer and asked whether my visa is valid or not? because in my passport my visa is valid till June 2013. My employer is not responding. I don’t know whether my employer send a notice to USCIS to revoke my petition or not? How do I check whether my visa is valid or not?

    I put my receipt number in


    Its shows as Post Decision Activity. It mean my visa is valid? I don’t know?

    Could any one help me, how to find a visa is alive or got cancel if the employer is not responding?

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    The Visa in your passport is valid until it expires.
    The petition may have been revoked by your employer, but that does not matter to you. Another employer can file a cap-exempt petition for you at any time. After that is approved, you can use the same existing Visa and new petition to return to US and work for this new employer.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.