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e2 visa first time petition

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  • e2 visa first time petition

    My employer is planning to open a company in USA, we are actually located in Ecuador - South America.

    My current employer, is planning to send me to USA to manage the company, already incorporated, but not fully operational, in Florida, under a E2 visa.

    We are planning to ask for a E2 visa to the US Consulate in Ecuador.

    My current employer (and investor) has already incorporated a company in Florida, which has had almost no operations, it was incorporated a year ago.

    Three real estate properties have been bought by the investor paying the down payment for those three, along the year, for a total of $130,000.

    There si also been made a deposit of $65,000 in the company account, which has been almost inactive during the year, and we hace incurred in start-up costs for $5,000. As far we understand there is a total investment of $200,000.

    The company will make real estate sell-and-buy business and international consultancy for small to medium companies willing to do business in USA.

    We think that the real estate investment may not qualify as active investment, but there are $65,000 in chash in the company account to start a consultancy biz.

    Do we have aa strong case? Are there good chances to get the visa?

    Thank you for your comments!!!

    From Ecuador...