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Canadians seeking E2 visas

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  • Canadians seeking E2 visas

    My partner and I are Canadian citizens from Vancouver, interested in investing in the Phoenix real estate market. We have a total sum of $100,000. We would like to use the capital to buy a residential property, make improvements on it, sell it for a profit, and repeat the process indefinitely. I understand that we must apply for the E2 visa in order to do so in the long run. To my understanding, the likelihood of obtaining an E2 visa increases when each of us has a minimum of $100,000 as initial investment. Since we do not have such amount, I was under the impression that we should at least do a few transactions to clearly indicate that we are in fact contributing to the US economy prior to our visa application.

    The past Tuesday, my partner and I have decided to transport our personal vehicle from Blaine, Washington to Phoenix, Arizona. Our intention was to save as much money as possible for our real estate investment. We gathered it would be cheaper to have our car transported than to rent one every time we come to Phoenix. At the border, we were asked to go in for secondary interrogation. During the secondary interrogation, I stated my intentions “of opening up a business.” I was not able to provide evidence of ties and equities in Canada for the Customs officer. As such, my partner and I were denied entry into the United States that day.

    On Thursday, we tried to cross the border again at the Vancouver International Airport to attend an upcoming real estate investor meeting in Phoenix. Once again, we were asked to go in for secondary inspection. Thankfully, with the documentation we were able to provide to the Customs officers, we were granted controlled entry.
    On both occasions, the Customs officers have stated that we must obtain an E2 visa for the purposes of our trip. We were told that we could not earn money in the United States without some sort of visa.

    We are currently in the process of purchasing our first property. Given our situation, what are the necessary steps to ensure a strong E2 visa application? Would our chances of obtaining an E2 visa greatly improved if only one of us apply for it with all the capital that we have?

    Any insights is greatly appreciated!

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    I think real estate is not a valid investment for the e2 visa. Your company will be considered marginal since you only provide an income for yourself/family. You need to create jobs for americans which you dont.

    It s a very clear requirement for the e2.

    If you re serious about this you should lawyer up... but tbh i do not think this is a valid e2 investment.


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      That doesn't sound like it necessarily meets the criteria of an active operating business. If your interested in finding out about the process of application for an E2 and also what that application needs to look like you can download our guide here - https://yondaa.com/e1-e2-investor-visa-overview/

      I hope you find it helpful and the best of luck to you!


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        Hi Experts, I am a Canadian Citizen and would like to apply for E2 Visa, do we have to buy a property to get an E2 Visa or we can buy a business only?