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  • Updating ivisa

    Hi there,
    My colleague already has an IVISA which she obtained for another production.
    What do I need to do to ensure she will be okay to temporarily work on our new production? I have been told the Production company just need to write a letter stating the nature of the new production and my colleagues involvement.

    Can anyone give me any more information as to what I need to do to ensure she does not have any problems at the US border?

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    Eligibility requirements for a media visa or I visa. Complete description regarding who qualifies for a media visa, activities prohibited while under a media visa, and what activities require a visitor visa or work visa.

    Maybe this article will help.


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      After your eVisa applications is submitted, the same shall be scrutinized and if any Document/Image is not appropriate, you may be advised on your given e-mail to re-upload the same. To re-upload use the tab at the bottom of the page. Applicant should normally receive this mail within 24 hours.

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