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I-539 Extension for R-2

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  • I-539 Extension for R-2

    Hi I'm currently here on an R-1,

    I recently had my I-797C approved until 07/08/2020. My Wife who's here on an R-2 and she just got her I-539 approved until 07/08/2020.
    Her original R-2 visa in her passport expires 01/08/2018 and she has a british passport. She is travelling to Canada from 12/18/2017-12/28/2017, by leaving the country and coming back does she disqualify here i-539? or does the approval from the I-539 stay with her until it expires?

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    If you are currently in the US on a type of non-immigrant visa – such as the F-1 student visa or the B-2 tourist visa, you will have to leave the country at some point. But is there a way in which you can prolong your stay? What does the law state in this respect? In this case, you can apply for an extension, so that you can prolong your stay in the US – which leads us to the topic we’ll focus on today, namely the form I-539.YourTexasBenefits.com