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  • sheduling interview

    My mother is intending to visit USA from India during the 2nd week of April 2004. She is 47 years old and hence has to schedule an interview at the Chennai consulate.

    I was wondering as to when is the best time to schedule an appointment for her time of visit?

    Can she make use of the TT services for scheduling the appointment?

    It is the first time we are arranging for my mother's visit and even for my mother it will be her first trip. There are my aged grand parents who are fully dependent of my parents, i have a younger sis who is studying and my mom is working in a bank. So pleez help me with ur replies & tips as i can prepare my mom the best, for her interview...

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    You have to schedule an interview using TT Services.

    You can find visitor visa details on https://www.immihelp.com/usa-visas/visitor

    If you have specific question, post here.
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