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Trying to get European passports

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  • Trying to get European passports

    My father was born in Spain, my mother was born in Mexico. My kids and I were born in California. Can we get European passports?? If so, how?

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    There are three common ways to get you citizenship, they are –

    • Jus soli (right of the ground) – through your place of birth
    • Jus sanguinis (right of blood) – known as citizenship by descent
    • Naturalization – through the residence

    You are clearly eligible for obtaining EU citizenship if you have parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents that were from any EU country. Some EU countries favorably offer a route for citizenship by descent while other EU countries allow it under more stringent conditions where individual circumstances are judged. Each EU country has its own specific rules, application processes, and required documentation.

    Acquiring EU citizenship by descent (aka ancestry) is the easiest and cheapest way.

    The preparation of the required documents for obtaining EU citizenship by descent method can only be possible if it is carried out by specialists experienced in international law. To get it done contact some professional team that can make you acquire EU citizenship. One such company is Citizensl who can help you with the entire process of obtaining EU citizenship.

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