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Visitor Medical Insurance Buying Tips

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    1. It will be considered as pre-existing condition and NOT covered in visitor medical insurance plan from any company anywhere.

    2. Answer is in the beginning of this thread itself.


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      Visitor medical insurance question

      I purchased visitor medical insurance for my parents from your website with IMG group.

      The question is, policy maximum says $100,000, is this for each one or combined.

      Appreciate your reply.



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        $100,000 is per person.


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          My own tips and positive experience

          I have seen Mr. Narendra Khatri stating many times on the board that people don't post positive experience. So I decided to post mine along with some of the tips and the lesson learned, hoping that will help lot of other people who are in same boat as I was few months ago. Go to experience section and read "Great Experience with BuyAmericanInsuarnce/OK with IMG"




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            Visit USA?

            When you say you bought from IMG i presume you mean the Visit USA plan correct?


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              No, he means Protection America, available at https://www.insubuy.com/patriot-america-insurance/


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                Visitors Care vs. another insurance plan

                Dear Mr.Narendra
                I am trying to take insurance for my father (73 years). I came across Visitors Care on insubuy and also the one at ***.
                My understanding from reading the brochures is that they both are fixed coverage plans and are very much alike. But I dont understand why the premium for a 50K policy is only 86 in Visitors Care and it is much more over there.
                I am not sure what I am missing.
                Could you kindly help.

                Appreciate your inputs and time very much.


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                  Visitors Care is much better product compared to that plan.

                  Visitors Care advantages:
                  There is no application fee or membership fee.
                  Deductible: $50 or $100 per entire policy period vs. few hundred dollars per every sickness in them.
                  All the individual coverage limits are also much higher in Visitors Care compared to them. You can check the brochure for limits such as Hospital Room/Board, ICU, Dr. visit. You will find that almost all the limits are higher in Visitors Care.
                  Can be renewed for minimum 5 days.

                  The primary reason the prices are lower in Visitors Care while the coverage is much higher is the volume of business, the no. of policies sold by the insurance company. As you know, more and more business insurance company does, they are less and less affected by few big claims.

                  Just think about how Wal-Mart provides quality service and products at low price.

                  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us and we would be glad to go over more details.


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                    Need advice


                    I need to insure my stepson for trip insurance. He is currently a resident of France but is a Canadian citizen. My husband is picking him up from Montreal, Canada, then going for a road trip (camping) across Canada to British Columbia, then coming back down to Arizona. I need for my stepson to be covered in Canada from July 26/07 to Aug 21/07, then in US from Aug 21/07 to Sept 1/07. My company health insurance will kick in at that point as he has decided to live here with us.

                    Will Protection America cover my stepson?

                    I will purchase online as soon as I know this is the correct policy. If my stepson does not qualify for this policy, then please recommend one.

                    B Law


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                      Yes, he would qualify for Protection America. He should buy it with the 'Return Rider' as he is Canadian citizen and needs coverage in Canada too.


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                        Return Rider

                        I looked at the Protection America Return Rider and it states that the insured person must be outside of his/her home country at the time of application. From your reply, even though he has lived in France for many years now, is his home country still considered Canada since he is a Canadian citizen? I find this part about home country very confusing, which is why I have a difficult time figuring out which insurance.
                        I forgot to mention that he is already in Canada, traveling with his mom. My husband, his father, will pick him up July 26, in Canada and at that time, he will need insurance. He is covered right now with the other side's plan.
                        If Protection America is not the correct plan for this case, can you please recommend one?
                        Once again, he has lived in France for many years, is visiting Canada right now and is a Canadian citizen, but will be living with us in the US soon. We need travel insurance to cover him for the road trip in case of an accident.
                        Please help!!
                        Thank you very much in advance.


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                          I understand it is confusing.

                          For your son, for Protection America purposes,
                          Home Country = France
                          Country of Citizenship = Canada

                          Return Rider covers in Country of Citizenship (Canada) if it is not same as Home Country (France). However, if the person is already in Canada, return rider can't be purchased.

                          Look at Altas America, https://www.insubuy.com/atlasamerica-insurance/
                          It does not go by country of citizenship and covers anywhere outside home country(France for your son), including US/Canada.


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                            Thank you!

                            Atlas America it is. I will get it from https://www.insubuy.com/atlasamerica-insurance/.
                            Thank you so much. I've lost so much time trying to understand everything; you've been a great help!


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                              Patriot America: Query on Deductible

                              Hello Mr.Narendra

                              My parents will be visiting me next month and I am planning to buy Patriot America for them.

                              I have query reg the deductible: Suppose I get a coverage of say 50000 USD with 250 USD deductible for both my parents. If both of them have to visit a doctor during their stay, then would my deductible be 250 for each of them or is it that the total deductible for both of them combined would be 250?

                              Thanks and Rgds


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                                Deductible is per person.