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Experience with NIW
Sharing my timeline hopefully helpful -
NIW based on publications 145 citations Nepali
Filed 140 December 11 2020
I140 approved November 10 2021
I485 filed with family December 10 2021
Biometric January 31 2022
Card being produced may 9 2022 - no interview or letter
I485 approved May 10 2022
Green card May 16 2022 for all family
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My journey is Over!! Employment based (EB2-NIW Self-petition)
Employment based (EB2-NIW Self-petition)

I have been reading people’s experiences here for the last 2.5 yrs. I am sharing my own GC timeline because reading other people's experiences kept me sane and hopeful. I hope this also helps you keep hope alive. I wish you good luck and success with your case :)

09/01/18 - Doc gathering process starts
07/03/19 - Filed concurrently (I-140,I-485,I-765,I-131)
07/08/19 - eReceipt notices
07/08/19 - Priority Date (PD)
07/15/19 - Processing fees withdrawn
07/19/19 - Paper receipts rcvd
07/26/19 - ASC Biom. Appt. Notice rcvd
08/06/19 - Biometrics screening done
08/08/19 - I-485 fingerprints review completed
10/17/19 - I-131 fingerprints review completed
11/14/19 - I-765 and I-131 forms approved/EAD/AP card mailed
11/18/19 - EAD/AP card received
04/14/20 - I-140 and I-485 forms transferred to another office (Nebraska)
* Transfer notice never delivered 🤷‍♀️
5/19/20 - eNotice of RFE
5/26/20 - RFE notice delivered
**Changed lawyers
5/28/20 - eNotice of I-140 and I-485 forms transfer to a new office that has Jurisdiction of case
6/8/20 - EAD/AP card renewal submitted
8/14/20 - RFE response packet sent to Nebraska USCIS office
8/17/20 - RFE receipt e-notice
9/2/20 - AP card renewal approved
9/9/20 - I-140 form approved e-notice 😆
10/8/20 - I-485 forms transferred to National Benefit Center
11/3/20 - EAD card renewal approved
3/4/21 - eNotice of RFE for new I-693 form (Form I-485)
3/29/21 - I-693 RFE response express mailed
3/30/21 - RFE Express Mailed delivered at 11:36 am
3/31/21 - RFE receipt eNotice
9/21/21 - eNotice ready to schedule interview for form I-485
9/27/21 - eNotice interview scheduled for form I-485. Interview notice mailed
9/28/21 - Interview notice received
10/3/21 - eNotice interview scheduled for form I-485. Interview notice mailed…Again?
10/5/21 - eNotice interview scheduled for form I-485. Interview notice mailed…WTF??
10/12/21 - Post office returned I-485 notice because they couldn’t deliver it😱
10/13/21 - called USCIS for clarification…(re interview date = still 10/25 and re many interview eNotices = system error…phew 😮‍💨)
10/25/21 - Interview day
10/25/21 - eNotice at 5 pm: New card is being produced 😆
10/26/21 - Case approved eNotice: We approved your Form I-485
10/28/2021 - Green card mailed
10/29/21 - I-485 approval notice hardcopy received
10/29/21 - Post Office picked up green card
10/30/21 Green card in hand

Interview Questions (Standard)
Interview duration = Approx. 20 mins

1. My first and last name
2. My address
3. My parents’ names
4. Parents’ DoBs
5. My marital status
6. Any children
7. Where I work
8. Where I worked before current job
9. What I do at work
10. Professional memberships
11. Job offer letter ( didn’t have because it is not required for EB2 NIW self-petition)
12. Why job title changed (promotion addressed in I-140 RFE)
13. About 75% of questions on form I-485…
14. Any additional documents I want to share??

**I interviewed Monday morning at 8 am. My interviewer was quite standoffish, so I didn't expect my case to be approved that evening.
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NIW just approved! Waiting for I-485 decision now.
I am happy to share the good news with you all. My NIW got approved by NSC in just 5 months!

I am a physician with around 10 publications and 60+ citations. I am glad that I worked with WeGreened for my NIW case and I am satisfied with the quick result. My attorney helped me a lot during this process.

I had no clue about how to prepare for the green card application when I decided to start it. It is really a relief that my attorney provided clear step-by-step guidelines. I gave them all the relevant information as per their request, and they made great efforts in understanding my research. The petition letter included every significant detail about my professional record. The well-organized letter impressed me and convinced the immigration officer. I had filed my I-485 concurrently with the I-140, and I am now eagerly waiting for the I-485 approval. I hope the government doesn't shut down because of the nasty COVID-19. Stay positive and healthy!
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NIW/EB2 process timeline- interview june 2019
This is our experience. Both primary and spouse both filed. Hopefully this will be helpful. Our interview was in NYC office.


I-140/485 Filing: concurrent
RFE Received?: no
end of Mar 2018> Application Filed (I485/AP/EAD/I140)
end of Mar 2018> Priority Date
first week of May 2018> First Fingerprint Date
 Jun 2018> EAD/AP Received (primary)
 Oct 2018> I-140 Approval
 Nov 2018>Case Transferred to: National Benefits Center Transfer Date
start of Apr 2019> pink courtesy letter received asking for 2 passport photos
end of Apr 2019 > Interview Notice Date
03 Jun 2019> Interview Date
07 Jun 2019> Card Production Ordered
12 June 2019> the Post Office picked up mail containing your new card
15 June 2019> expected to Receive card!!!

Interview appointment was at 7:15am (get at least 30-45min before), we were done by 8:30am- did not bring a lawyer with us. The officer was very friendly, felt more like a conversation.
Original documents we were asked for: recent Passports, marriage certificate, birth certificate, W2, paycheck, employment letter , advance parole, 2 photos
- address where you live, how long have u lived there?
- Do you have a lease ( gave Lease and letter from building that we live together)
- What city was spouse born
- Do u speak spouse's language ?
- Where was your last trip outside USA ?
- Where did you guys meet?
- What is spouse's birthday
 - what was date of your wedding
- You have family in USA?
 - Do you work now ?
 -What is the job title of spouse?
- Where did the spouse work before that ?
Bunch of yes, no qsts

Since our medical exam was more than a year old we did bring a new test with us but were not asked for it.

Hope this helps folks out there. Good luck!

#NIW #EB2 #interview #NYC #greencard #2019
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NIW success with North America Immigration Law Group (Chen Immigration Law Associates)
We are so grateful to Victoria Chen and her team for helping us obtain our green cards under the EB2 National Interest Waiver regime. We are German citizens, a director in management consulting and a lawyer. Ms. Chen and her team guided us through the journey very professionally and helped us prepare our case thoroughly and for maximum chances of success. It was still a lot of work to gather all the supporting evidence and recommendations. But Ms. Chen's team made this work pay-off. USCIS approved our case only 3 weeks after filing. Consular processing then took around 6 months. A few weeks ago we then entered the U.S. as permanent residents. The CBP officer at the port of entry actually clapped her hands and said: "Welcome to America!" We are so grateful to Ms. Chen and her team.
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North America Immigration Law Group (Chen Immigration Law Associates)

I found this law firm in internet. I have to say that I was really lucky that I handed my case to them. They did a fantastic job. Everything was clearly defined from the beginning. They were very expert in their job. Correspondence was excellent and I did not have a single problem with this law firm from day one until I received my approved case. I received the approval with 10 months. I highly recommend this law firm. I would like to take the opportunity and thank Chen Immigration Law Associates again.
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NIW success story with North America Immigration Law Group (Chen Immigration Law Associates)
Thanks so much North America Immigration Law Group (Chen Immigration Law Associates)
for fantastic job and superbly planned and executed NIW case. I have worked for about 3 months
with Chen Immigration Law Associates on my NIW case. I was on O1 visa and wanted to get a green card. I had nothing but the best possible experience working with them on preparing my application. They have offered instant advice on anything I could think of. They came back answering my questions in less than 24 hours. They do not get tired, they are always there to help. They read my credentials and offered me their money back guarantee in case of rejection of my application. They helped me focus the petition and highlight my best credentials. They did a wonderful job describing how my qualifications serve the best interests of the U.S. I would recommend them unconditionally to any qualified applicant. They are very knowledgeable and would definitely help in choosing the best possible evidence that put the applicant's strengths in the best possible light. Go!
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NIW/outstanding researcher/Extraordinary Ability
Thank you North America Immigration Law Group(Chen associates) for your help during the I-140 application process. It is a pleasant experience to work with you. You were very professional and your petition strategy proves to be very effective. I will definitely recommend your service to my friends.
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