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F1 OPT denial: Post 60 days Grace Period.
Greetings people,

While filing for my OPT(I-765) I missed the step where I had to receive OPT I-20 from college, and instead, I applied with program completion I-20 which was given to me along with my I-765 form.

I sent my packet with all the documents except I did not have OPT I-20. I did not know about this mistake until I got my OPT denial letter, which was exactly a day before my 60 days grace period after the program end date. Now my college refuses to apply for a new I-20 as my SEVIS status is now in completed status and they are not ready to provide me with a letter of support to file reinstatement.

Has anyone else faced a similar issue or can someone please help me through this?
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OPT To Green Card
Hello Everyone,

This is my current situation.

I am employed by UCLA Extension, and my OPT expires July 15, 2020.

I recently got married and sent my documentation on April 16th. So far I didn't even get my receipt notice, and don't even know if I will receive anything before June.

They were aware of a possible gap in between my work permits, but nothing like what is happening right now, since it might take several months. My husband is a bartender and lost his job, so my income is the most secure and is keeping our health insurance, etc.

I have an OPT through a certificate program, so I cannot request an extension. I called USCIS and the person was just reading the information on the website and could not give me any specific answers.

Is anyone on a similar situation? I appreciate any advice or information that might help my case.

Thank you !

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Have not received the receipt number
Hey guys,

So I sent my application for EAD to USCIS on March 6, 2020 through UPS. I got the receipt of the USCIS receiving my package on March 10, 2020. However, I still haven't got a receipt number or any sort of communication from USCIS. Is this normal under the circumstances? Has anyone else had any similar experiences?
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EAD Card returned back to USCIS

Hope everyone is doing good in these direful times. I have a small question my EAD card has been approved on Feb -28 (2020) and was sent to me by the USCIS. But the USCIS did not provide correct address they have missed the Floor number of my address as a result the USPS returned back the card to USCIS. On further enquiry with USCIS they said that they have received the card on 16 of March and I have already put a request to resend my card on March - 9. Till now I haven't received any update from USCIS on calling them they have asked me to wait and be patient.

Can anyone suggest me what to do? And is this common if the card is sent back??
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Stem-OPT (Place of Your Last Arrival Into the United States)
Hello, i am applying my STEM-OPT Extension and trying to fill the i-765.
In the field

Place of Your Last Arrival Into the United States

What should i write down? i Landed at EWR Airport.

Do i have to write CITY AND STATE BOTH (Newark, New Jersey) OR just CITY (Newark)
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STEM OPT Extension - Passport Expiry
I have applied for my STEM OPT which will expire in a month. I have applied for my STEM OPT extension before 2 months of its expiry. My passport is due to expire from 3 months from my. I have applied for my passport renewal. Should I update the USCIS application with my updated passport or should it be ok to have sent the application with my current passport.

Any inputs here is appreciated. Thanks
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I submitted my OPT EAD form on May 15th. I received an RFE for my case ( Employer number had changed and not updated).
Resubmitted my application on September 16th and received my STEM OPT approval by September 19th( got the i-797 Approval letter in hand by September 26th).

It has been more than 180 days from May 15th to now, but USCIS say that my EAD has not even started printing! Worse part, my online case status still shows 'RFE received'.

I need help to get the EAD card processed and printed and have no idea why there is so much delay even though I have got my i-797 Approval.
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I submitted my I-765 application March 19th. Is there anyone who received their EAD card who submitted on that date?!?!
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Hi all,

I graduated this summer May-2019. I have applied for OPT in March and my case was received to USCIS by March 18th 2019. Its been 98 days still I haven't seen any change on my case its still shows received only.
Does anyone applied to OPT withing March 1st to March 15th and received any notice or EAD ? Please reply.
Does anyone graduated in this May and applied for OPT and received EAD please reply ?
online its showing 1-5 month waiting period and I hope its wrong. :(

Thank you for all your help in advanced !
Good luck to all OPT people.!
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OPT denial because of DSO error, F1 student, what is my next step for MTR or double Masters?
I am a F1 visa holder in united states and finished my masters in December 2018. I applied for OPT on November 2nd and 1st time my opt got denied on November 30th because DSO forgot to check one box and school got package of denial itself on 30th day(Friday 4 pm) and hence I was told from my DSO assistant to correct it and send I-765 back but she didn't inform me, it had to be sent back on 30th day or same day itself as DSO assistant wasn't aware. So I did mail that overnight package on Monday December 3, 2018.
After 120 days I got my RFE for OPT on April 3rd, Because I failed to submit I-765 within 30 days of the date, The reason i sent package on 33rd day was it was monday, school it self got OPT RFE on 30th day 4pm and dso assistant didnt know it had to be sent on 30 day.
I got notice on my RFE that I can not appeal for this decision but I may file a MTR. Currently, I have filed a MTR yesterday for this decision with my DSO's explanation that student wasnot aware of 30 day rule and she(dso) was not in office, so she(DSO) could not let him know that it had to be sent on 30th day itself.
I want to know that is there any chance that my MTR will be approved as lot of people are telling me that MTR will likely to fail. How long does it take to get reply of MTR? What are my options right now if my MTR fails and about doing second masters, or School can help me giving employment as h1 petitioner. and all the legal advice for solving this situation would be highly appreciated.
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