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Getting Loan in United States
Getting a loan in the United states is very difficult especially if you're on an immigrant visa. However, there are options like direct lenders' payday loans which means these loans are easy to get but quite risky. How's your experience? Leaving the source behind for fellows who wanna read it more. But kindly be aware of the risk of payday loans.
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Admin Processing
Guys, please tell me what you think about this...
I had my visa interview on 17 Dec 2018. VO asked me few questions, I answered them well.
Later, she gave me this pink slip and told me that administrative processing would take couple of weeks. She didn't tell anything else to send.
After getting out from the consulate, I realized pink slip had a list of items (8 documents) to be sent. I wasn't sure if I have to send because the VO told me nothing has to be done on my side.

I came home and then got an email from consulate and I was asked to send three documents only. I quickly replied to that email and sent them whatever they asked (3 documents)... Should I also send the other documents in pink slip? Please let me know. Thanks
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City bank looting customers
City bank is looting its customers in their own way. for withdrawing money in person , they are charging Rs.113 /. This idea no bank has thought of before and hence very new for the customers. People have lost faith and interest in this bank . We are just continuing because our employer is with this bank.
There is no second opinion about CITY BANK. Please stay away from this bank.
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Experience with city bank credit card
I am using city bank credit card since last 2 years. It is the WORST Credit card, not only me but many of my friends also saying the same. they dont accept cash like other banks and they have the procedure through atm to pay . In a city like bangalore they have only one main office on mg road and the other very few offices. one day when I went to their office to pay cash, they said that they dont accept cash and asked me to drop a cheque, so I dropped a cheque ( 4 days b4 last date) and after few days when I checked they said the sign is not correct and they charged me 1600 rs, (this is not the first time they returned my cheque) and when I called them they said i have to pay the full money otherwise they will charge me again extra, so I ended up paying 3000 extra.When I called the citybank call center to speak to their manager they said they cannot transfer the call to their manager for these reasons.
so I advice all of you not to use this WORST CITY BANK Credit card.
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bad Experience with hdfc atm
bad experience with hdfc atm
i tried to withdraw 10000 rs from sbi atm using with hdfc atm card but i did not get money and debited money from my account so what can i do pls tell me the need ful stpes
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of Trickery, Daylight Robbery and Universal Banking - ICICI Bank
Walk out of any ICICI ATM, one would find an ICICI executive with a great offer. Sir.. all i need is your Mini statement from the ATM and we will give you a credit Card Free and that too a Gold one.

I guess I fell for it after saying a million NOs. I got my first jatka the second month after I received my card. ICICI debited my account for the minimum payable amount even without asking me. The reason being the payment didnt reach them on the due date.. (How would it unless they send the cheque for clearing). Had to navigate through the maze of menus of the IVR to get to a "friendly" agent online. Had to tell her highness that she isnt supposed to take money from my account without me authorising it. An apology and a good day followed. My money didnt come back but it got adjusted against my next month's billing. Cool isnt it.. You take the money first and then say sorry. Wish I could do that with Mr. K V Kamath.

Now comes the best part.. I am not sure if its true with all credit cards coz I just had ICICI card. Thankfully, first and the last.... no more cards.

My last month bill was for 15575/- and since I didnt have the statement with me while writing the cheque, I kinda guestimated and wrote a cheque of 15250/-. Guess what happens next. In my current month statement I am charged an interest of Rs. 772 + service tax of 52/- for not paying 325/-. Can anything get any COOLER than this.

I think we are sitting ducks for so called universal banks to get looted and cheated and roobed. I tried my level best to contact a credit card officer in ICICI branches. MG road and koramangala. The best part of it is that they dont have an officer to handle queries related to cards. The only contact point is the call centre.

I cant help but credit ICICI bank for coming up with the punch line "hum hain na" apko loot ne ke liye...

So here is me wishing all the credit card holders of ICICI bank all the best and hope and pray that you dont get into trouble with them.

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ICICI - A bad experience for many
had only verbally heard about the bad experiences people are having with ICICI Bank, but this just proves it!

Came across this page (do read it! - opens in a new window) via madman’s page.

I have a account with ICICI bank because its our salary account, and we are kind of forced to use ICICI Bank. And since we have a salary account, we get a decent service. But yes, the credit card department, and the call centre sucks big time. That’s my personal experience.

They put you on hold for 5 to 10 mins. (just imagine listening to the same junk music/tone/adverts continuously), and then there is no guarantee that you will get to speak to someone or your problem would be solved. Infact, today I was put on hold for around 7 mins, and after that the call as abruptly disconnected!. Next time I call the call center, I get to speak to a totally new person, and start from scrap describing the problem. The people at the call center just promise to do things, and nothing actually happens. If it happens, then you are really your luck.

Hope K V Kamath reads this!.

My advice to all - Avoid ICICI as far as possible. Many people predict that the bank would collapse in a few years from now. Have a account with any nationalized bank.

Personally, I have an account with SBI and keep a minimum amount in ICICI.
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Citi Bank Cheated Me
Citi bank charged 3.5% intrest instead of 2.95% on credit card and when enquired refunded, beaware of this malpractice of CITI bank.

let others know about this too,
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Getting Credit
For those moving to the USA, leasing a car, and sponsored by a US based company, you can have your name, and subsequent Social Security Number, added to the lease. This will start to accrue a credit history for you and hopefully shorten the time it takes attain a credit rating. We received our first offer of a credit card after about 3 months.
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Digital Credit Union(DCU)
For those who are new to US, it is very difficult to get the credit card or car loan without credit history.

In such situation, you can contact Digital Credit Union through some of your friends who is already a member. They may give you credit card.

In fact, so many Indians get credit card from this credit union that it is nicknamed 'Desi Credit Union'.(DCU)
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