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hi GUYS!

Quick question, I Filed my 2019 just this year together with 2020 ( it was late for some weird reason), I paid what I owe as well as my penalties.
So in question #6 and #7 can I STILL SAY NO?

6.) do you owe any overdue federal, state or local tax
7.)have you ever not filed a federal, stet or local tax since you became a lawful permanent resident

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DV 2022 Visa For In-Laws
We are looking to apply for my in-laws for the DV-2022 Visa. My question is, if we apply and don't get selected for this visa, will that negatively impact their changes for a future tourist visa?
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Is the Diversity Lottery Visa still a lottery if less than 7% apply
Hello friends,
I would like to know, so if less than 7% from a particular country apply for the lottery visa, are they all selected because they are less than 7% or are they still selected like lottery? For example, this year in Iraq around 700 people were selected for the visa and that is a lot less than 7% of 50,000. Thank you friends for answering!
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2020 DV lottery
hi every1
has anyone lives in the USA and got his/her interview scheduled for 2020 fiscal year? i am im MI State and filling within Chicago office. submitted AOS February 6, fingerprints collected 3/7, case updated 3/7. NO any other updates since then. any similar case?
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What does it mean ? REJECTED OR ACCEPTED
I got this mail after requesting Expedite my I 765 due to financial Hardahip to person

The status of this service request is:

Due to the high volume of expedite requests for this case type, we are strictly enforcing the criteria that has been set for these expedite requests. While your situation appears serious, you have not provided evidence of an extreme emergent need.

On September 25, 2019, your request to have your case expedited, referral number T1Bxxxxxxxxx4MSC, was completed.

On September 25, 2019, we sent a response to your request to have your case expedited, referral number T1Bxxxxxx4MSC.

On September 25, 2019, your request to have your case expedited, referral number T1BxxxxxMSC, was assigned to an officer for response.
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we have been on administrative processing for 5months after our cr1 was approved in December 12 2017 and passport was returned to me THE NEXT DAY,they sent me email on what to verify my divorce decree in high court which i did and submit,then in February they requested for billofladding stated that I told them during my non immigrant visa applications that was refused many times that I deal on cars and I sent the whole billofladings both non negotiable and telex about 54 pcs.....on march we start to inquire since it has been over 60 days and we received this email which we don't really understand.......
The immigrant visa application of bukaldrinio is still undergoing administrative processing, in order to verify his qualifications for this visa. We are still awaiting the response from Washington. There is no update at this time. Please be assured that we will notify him by email or phone as soon as the processing is complete.

I thought ap is handled my embassy and what is the reason for consulting with Washington DC....... This is really hard on us.plz advice us on what to do to fasten the process thanks
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URGENT help needed -- stepchildren photos missing

I've filled in the Diversity Visa lottery entry form with success, however, did not include details of my two stepchildren as neither I nor my husband have access to their passport pictures to upload in the system.

My husband is going through a troublesome separation with his ex-girlfriend and she doesn't allow the father contact their two children who are both under age 21, or send any photographs/passport photos them, which is necessary for the DV lottery application.

I understand that not submitting full information on children might disqualify my entry if I win so what to do??? Thanks!
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Hi mates, I am in the process of making an entry for the Diversity/Green Card visa lottery. I used the official photo tool to prepare (crop and save) my photo which had been professionally taken. I then used a photo checker online to validate the saved cropped photo and it passed all stages. To DOUBLE CHECK, I decided to RE-UPLOAD the saved cropped picture into the official photo tool. Unfortunately it does not fit and the whole image appears like I did not even crop it. Does it mean the saving was not effective, even though after cropping, I clicked on and saved photo on USB, getting a photo smaller than the original?

I have also read that the photo requirements for the Diversity visa lottery are NOT the same as those of other visas and passports? So is the official photo tool good for ALL types of photos? Is there a specific tool for Diversity visa photos? Why would the cropped saved photo not refit? Can I go ahead basing on the online photo checking tool? PLEASE HELP.
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I am in the process of registering for the US Diversity visa (Green Card lottery). I used the official photo tool to crop and save my photo. I then used an online photo checker and it passed at all stages. I was curious to find out if the same approved photo would automatically fit in the photo tool when RE-UPLOADED to the photo tool. Unfortunately it did not. It is as if the changes were not saved after the cropping though I clicked save. I fear to go ahead and submit now that what I believed to be the saved cropped photo does NOT fit the photo tool any longer. Please advise. I need urgent help please. What does this imply? I have read on this site that the DV photo requirements are NOT THE SAME as those for other visas and passports. So how appropriate is the general photo tool for DV visa photos? Is there a special official photo tool for the DV lottery. CHEERS!
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Applying for Citizenship
Is there anyone who adjusted status after winning the DV visa and got naturalized?
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