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Hello! I studied at the university, but unfortunately, it was not related to digital photography. What I can tell you is that the experience was satisfying. I really liked the content, and I found the online study model to be very comprehensive.
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Masters in Computer Engineering - 3
My student Rahul Gupta is applying to your institution for graduate studies in computer science/engineering. During the two years that I have known him, he has been a student of my class in courses on Basic Electronics & Analog Electronics. His sincerity and urge to learn made him an active participant in class always. His academic ability and eagerness to acquire knowledge are further strengthened by his steady determination and never-say-die attitude, even when he is in the backwaters. In fact, his urge for graduate study is a natural consequence of the qualities that I have just mentioned.

Right from the sophomore year of his undergraduate course, he has been very actively involved in various projects involving both hardware and software design. In fact, there are very few in his class who have acquired as much practical experience in this field as Rahul has. Although I have not guided him in any of these projects, I have very often observed him working very hard. He holds forth a very high degree of motivation and initiative. He is indeed a very creative, and where teamwork is involved I have seen him leading from the front. He can work hours at a strength, and can be teamed a workaholic of sorts. I therefore feel that, in him, you will find a very suitable graduate student, with an aptitude for research activities.

I therefore strongly recommend him for admission to your graduate program with full financial aid.
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Masters in Computer Engineering - 2
I have known the applicant, Rahul Gupta for the past three years as an undergraduate student of the institute. He has been a student of my class in course on Microprocessors and currently he is doing a project “Fuzzy Control of Hydrothermal Filled Systems”. His anxiety to learn and acquire knowledge made him an active participant in the class. I have always observed him to be enthusiastic even when he is in the backwaters.

During the course of my contact with him, I have found him to be an intelligent and creative student with a very good grasping power. He has taken a number of projects on his own initiative and shown a high degree of computer skills. I have always observed him very eager to learn and acquire knowledge. He has tremendous research potential and can work individually as well as in a team. I have always seen him leading from the front when teamwork is involved. Very few students in his batch have acquired as much practical experience as Rahul has. Based on my assessment of students, I would place him as one of the best students based on his practical experience. He can be considered a kind of workaholic student.

Rahul is also effective in his oral communication. I found him to be a very cheerful, amicable disposition. I am very confident of him to become an outstanding graduate student.

I therefore strongly recommend him for admission to your university graduate program with full financial aid.
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Masters in Computer Engineering - 1
I have known Mr. Rahul Gupta for the last two years as an undergraduate student. While he was a student in the ‘Digital Electronics’ and ‘Communication Systems’ courses taught by me. I had ample opportunity to observe him as his instructor in a project on PLDs.

He is a very sincere and hardworking student. In the class he was very attentive and used to participate in the discussions. He puts in the required work towards achieving the results. I believe that he has a greater capability than his CGPA indicates. In the project on PLDs, he was required to read advanced material, not normally taught in class. He designed a software to program the PLDs which could not be used as a good teaching aid for students.

I note that he has worked on a variety of projects, generally in the area of microprocessors, computers and software. Through these projects he has demonstrated his research potential. He has the required mastery in written and spoken English. He is able to express himself clearly.

Considering all the above aspects, Mr. Rahul Gupta is expected to do very well in his masters program. I recommend him with full confidence, and support his application for financial aid.
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MS Electrical Engineering - 3
Mr. Ketan Patel has completed his B.E. (Instrumentation and Control). He has done his project work at Systronics, Ahmedabad. He carried out his practical development work for his project in the Research & Development under my direct guidance.

Mr. Ketan Patel was involved in the design and development of both software and hardware part of Microcontroller (8031) based Control of two Stepper Motors. He has good perspective and grasping power. He carries out his work with precision. He is quite enthusiastic in improving his knowledge. He has good potential to carry out research work quite independently and efficiently.

Ketan is found to be one of the few top students who have done project work with me in Systronics. I recommend his case for his higher studies in the advanced area of Electrical Engineering. I have no hesitation to recommend him to your accredited institution for higher studies and research work. I also strongly feel that he deserves the appreciation by way of getting Scholarship, Research and Assistantship.

Whishing him good luck and all the success in his endeavors.
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MS Electrical Engineering - 2
I have great pleasure in introducing Ketan Patel, one of my students of B.E. (Instrumentation and Control). He has been my student since mid 1993 and in the following courses:

1. Microprocessor application
2. Instrumentation systems
3. Process instrumentation
4. Biomedical Instrumentation
5. Electronics in Industry

I have observed him at close quarters in both theory and laboratory classes over a fairly long period and feel qualified to make the following comments on him.

He has highly impresses me as a very intelligent, sincere and a diligent person. He displays profound understanding of different subject. He has a brilliant, inquisitive mind and shows remarkable grasping power. He shows inherent creativity and zeal in pursuing his goals. He has a strong base to pursue further studies in the field based on electronics.

I have observed his keen interests and sharp drive in various subjects. I have found his performance during laboratory hours exemplary.

He was selected for a project work at Systronics (India) Limited, one of the leader of Manufacture & Research Organization in our country. He has successfully complted the work assigned to him during his one-year project on “Microcontroller (8031) based two stepper drive control”, which enhanced & fully automized traditional systems of spectrophotometer fairly accurately and economically. The same project is used in a commercial manufacturing of spectrophotometer by the company.

Besides these, he has also undertaken vocation training for two months at Gujarat Alachalies And Chemicals Limited (G.A.C.L.), Baroda – One of the pioneers of Process Industries in the world.

His quest for further enhancement to his knowledge can be observed from the amount of accolades won by him in academic and other fields. In all I would describe him as a student with exemplary academics and behavior. I feel confident that further studies at your esteemed institute will see his emergence as a prominent student and he will be an asset to his peers and superiors. I strongly recommend him for admission to your M.S. degree program with necessary assistantship or aid that you can provide.

Wishing him better luck in his future endeavors.

Thanking you,
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MS Electrical Engineering - 1
It is a moment of great pleasure for me to furnish this recommendation for Mr. Ketan Patel as my student of Instrumentation and Control Engineering. He is associated with me for the last two years.

I have always observed him as a sincere and diligent student while attending classroom and laboratory. He has a patience and perseverance to stick to the job and to finish it satisfactorily, irrespective of the level of difficulty of the job. He has always shown the originality in his thought and systematic methodical approach towards the handling of logical, analytical or engineering problems assigned to him.

During my acquaintance with him, my respect for his natural inclination and abilities for research has continually increased.

He possesses consistent and very good academic record. He has ability to organize and express ideas clearly in English both orally and in writing. He is very well managed and polite with his faculty members and quite amiable with his colleagues. He is above 5% of the student with all attitudes. I consider him to be one of my noteworthy students. All this things inspired me to recommend very strongly for the admission at your esteemed school and for research or technical assistantship.

I wish him a bright future.
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Computer Engineering - 2
I know Anil from his second year has he had been a frequent visitor to my campus; i.e., Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute, which is next door to Birla Institute of Technology & Science. He looks upon me as his adviser and mentor. I have had many opportunities to assess his academic potential as well as other skills.

Anil is quite strong in his academics, especially in the field of Computer Science and Computer Networks. He has written routing algorithms to prevent congestion in networks. I being a Computer Aided Designer who has been working in this field for the past 18 years found his algorithms to be of practical use. His programming skills are excellent. He obtained ‘A grade in Computer Network, Computer programming I (Pascal) and Computer programming II (C language).

Though I have not taken any computer courses for Anil, I gather from his academic interactions with me that he has a very good aptitude for the subject. He has already secured two prestigious jobs through the campus interviews. Most importantly, I would emphasize his good moral and ethical framework. He is very sincere, hard-working, and has high values in life. I notice that his communication skills, both written and spoken are very good.

I strongly recommend him for the MS program in your graduate school with financial support. I have no doubt that he will excel in your institution.
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Computer Engineering - 1
I have known Mr. Anil Kumar for over three years in the capacity of an instructor for the mathematical courses "ADVANCED CALCULUS", "OPTIMIZATION" & "OPERATIONS RESEARCH". Uner my tutelage, his performance has been truly exceptional and I was glad to give him 'A grade in all the three courses.

Judging by what I observerd during this period, Anil possesses well-developed intellectual facilities and is a clear and original thinker. He has an excellent analytical ability and good mathematical skills. He is hardworking, dedicated student and tries to learn everything thoroughly. He has an excellent command over English, communicates every effectively and is an active participant in many extra curricular activities.

I am quite convinced that he has the right academic background, creativity and determination required for graduate students. I have no hesitation in placing him in the top 3% of students, I have known in this field for the last four years at B.I.T.S, Pilani.

I strongly recommend him for admission to your graduate school with full financial assistance.
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