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Hello! I studied at the university, but unfortunately, it was not related to digital photography. What I can tell you is that the experience was satisfying. I really liked the content, and I found the online study model to be very comprehensive.
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Hi guys, I would like to start a master's degree in digital photography and I have seen that there is a virtual university called Tech, but I can't find enough information, only what is on their website. I would appreciate if you could help me with your experiences or opinions studying in this university. thank you!
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I have had the opportunity to study at this university and the educational experience is very good, it has extensive academic programs, it is innovative, committed and, best of all, it is reliable.
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apply for short term training course
I am living in Malaysia, and I am architecture. I graduated from international university in Malaysia. I would like to apply for short term training course in USA. could you please help me

Thank You
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What kind of visa should I get?
I'm a 20 years old chilean, and I'm currently living on the United States with my family, thanks to the H4 visa I was given because my father works here on a H1B1 visa (unique to chilean and singaporean workers).
I've been here for about a year, and plan to apply to the University of California: Berkeley (UC: Berkeley for short), but have a very specific problem to deal with: that of Californian Residency.
In California, all non-residents must pay an outrageously high fee for every credit unit taken in a local university or college, effectively making such a possibility economically inviable for foreign students who only have a middle class income at their disposal.
With this in mind, I've been trying to gain a legal residency status that's not based on Tuition, because such a residency would not exempt me from paying the fee.
Sadly, all non-tuition based residencies require that I prove I am financially independent, something my current visa precludes (I cannot work legally with an H4 visa).
A student visa wouldn't allow me to work either, so that's not really an option.
Fortunately, the company me father works for has expressed in hiring me, because I'm really good with computers and have helped them out unofficially a number of times.

It is worth mentioning that I do NOT have a bachelor/ professional degree, having finished only one year of university-level studies before coming to the U.S.

So...what Visa should I try to get?
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Hi I am working on H1B in US currently and would be joining school this fall as student. I have following questions regarding switching Visa from H1 to F1 :

1. Do I need to go back to my home country - India to get Visa Transfer from H1 to F1 ? If yes then how safe is that or if now then is there an alternate way to get F1 stamped ? Canada, Mexico ?

2. What is the normal processing time for F1 visa completion formalities ?
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Have Faith and confidence
I took interview (f1)in 2007 july 9 for the first time and i was to be frank so nervous and was unable to understand the question and i was rejucted for not answering the exactly but when i went for the secound the VO was so nice and he asked me only three.
how r u? what course taking and your what is your father's annual income THATS it i got my visa stammped.
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