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ProNRI     07/12/2016 20:03 PM

When I read about the new (and pathetically ridiculous, for lack of better phrase) requirement that mandates OCI renewal/reissue when a person renews his US passport (or any non-Indian passport for that matter) before the age of 21 or after the age of 49 it gave me a big shock! My first question was that how in the world are they going to handle this at all the international airports where thousands of NRIs are arriving every day and many of them would have their current passport that is renewed either before the age of 21 or after the age of 49, while they would not have any idea of the rule! Will the immigration officers deport them all?

So, it would be great to learn if you fall in the category (where you were required to get your OCI card/visa reissued but you did not and still traveled to India), and share your experiences at the Indian airports here.

I am curious as to whether the OCI reissue/renew requirement is only good on paper or are the immigration officers at the Indian airports aware of it and are actually deporting those who have not gotten their OCIs reissued after renewing their US passports before 21 or after 49 years of age.

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inthemoment     06/02/2017 15:34 PM

Old post - realize that.... but if the US Passport needs to be reissued every 5 years because of changes in facial features... why is the OCI re-issue requirement pathetic - ever thought about it ?


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