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yufayvwanfor fayveytwan     09/19/2016 04:20 AM


I have been approved a k1 interview here in Manila Sept. 8, then for a few days the status on the CEAC website is READY. on Sept. 14 the status changed to AP. It turns out that they forgot to take my old passport with existing B1/B2 visa for cancellation.
I then mailed the passport to them on the same day that I received the notice. Have not heard from then since, nor has my status in CEAC changed.

My derivative (02) application for my son is updated every day even though he will not be applying for an interview you can see the date changes daily.

I have seen comments of people in AP and I know it lasts anywhere from days to weeks even months. I just didn't expect to be put in this situation given that my case was pretty straightforward, and not being able to follow up someone puts me in worry-mode.

I should have remembered to give them my old passport when I was approved, it slipped my mind the moment the CO told me I was approved. Tried to re-enter 3x but was turned down by different personnel saying the normally cancel visas online and there is no need for me to hand the old passport to them. I just feel helpless knowing that I knew something about the process and I could have prevented this in the first place, but the situation and the surroundings were not much of help.

***sigh*** anyone who has been in the same boat, or who is like me now in this predicament please feel free to share-

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