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Fiance Visa - K1/ K2/ K3/ K4

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H1B 221G (white slip)for more than 9 months
I had my H1B visa interview in Chennai on December 9, 2022, for Consular processing. During the interview, the consular officer asked me about my employer, job details, and work location. After the interview, I was issued a white slip, and the officer mentioned that they would need some additional processing time.

Here's the catch: I haven't received any further communication or updates on my visa status for over 9 months, despite multiple follow-ups with both my employer and myself. No additional documents were requested during this period.

A bit of background: I previously utilized Day 1 CPT and returned to India. I was working on F1 OPT and CPT from 2017 to 2019.

I'm feeling a bit uncertain about the situation and would appreciate any insights or advice from anyone who has been through a similar experience or has knowledge about the next steps I should consider.
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Question regarding CR1 Visa
Dear Friends,

I am an American Citizen and I applied for my wife for her immigrant visa. Her case is currently at NVC and documentarily qualified on February 2021 and still waiting for interview. Interview location is Abu Dhabi UAE if you guys have any experience regarding US embassy Abu Dhabi interview please share it. Since three months no news regarding interview. Do you know how long it will take for interview to get scheduled?
What documents are required to take it for interview?

Question 2

I don’t have registered marriage certificate I only have NIKAH Nama which is given to us during NIKAH by religious person which is acceptable as well. My question is do US embassy is asking for marriage certificate during interview? Do they accept NIKAH Nama? I also have additional proof of relationship writing by our family is it enough?
How about police certificate if I don’t have it.
If documents are accepted by NVC do US embassy accept the same documents?
Please respond me back.

Thank you
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French spouse applying for US green card while maintaining main residence in france
Hello and thank you for your time. To quickly explain our situation, my husband (a French national) and I (a US citizen) are currently processing his K3 (spousal visa) and are working towards getting him a green card. It’s what our lawyer advised us to get but we are starting to think that maybe it wasn’t the best option for us. We have an apartment in France and a growing business that we eventually want to spread to the USA but we do not want to live there.

As we were doing our research on green cards, we realized that in order to keep it, he must live at least 6+ months out of the year in the States. Otherwise, he will have been recognized by the government as abandoning residence... Our intention was never to live permanently in the States, but to be able to come and go as we please, be able to work in both the USA and in France, and to perhaps one day own property in both countries. We are aware that the best option may be to apply for dual citizenship but seeing as our life and business is in France, we cannot afford to live in the US for the time leading up to that status.

 Is there any way that he can maintain his residency in France while being a green card holder in the USA?

What are our options for this type of situation?

Thank you so much!
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Out of Normal Processing time reply
Hello all. new to this site. I need your help! I submitted an I-129F Application that was received and routed to the USCIS California Office on February 28, 2020. Whereas the USCIS we site publishes 5-7 months as normal processing time for this type of application, Last week I submitted an "Outside Normal Processing Time" form. I received a reply that said
"We regret we are not able to give you a timeframe for when we will review your case but the California Service Center is committed to processing this workload".
I see here on Immihelp that some other users have I-129F applications pending. Does anyone have any idea now to find out simply where in the California office queue of applications one specific app might be? Does anyone have a feel for how long existing I-129F applications are actually taking to be processed or at least move to the next step from just getting a receipt number? Any idea how many applications this office processes in a day, week or month? How many total apps they have?
 Thanks in advance from an anxious individual!
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I am working with finance department
it good
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I got married before the 90 days.

Has anyone filed for form I 485 aos after the 90 days of k1.
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Attention! form 864 tax 1099 important detail.
Who going to apply 864 forms and working self employe such as 1099. They are not looking for your gross income. Look at the tax form Schedule C or C-EZ

I found information on the internet. " if you are self-employed, you must
include each and also every Form Schedule that you filed with your Federal tax return, such as Schedule C (Profit or Loss from Business), Schedule D (Capital Gains), Schedule E (Supplemental Income or Loss), or Schedule F (Profit or Loss from Farming)."

Now let's see what happened in my situation: I got mail.

"income did not meet 125 percent "

Why We Are Writing
You On June **, 2019, you submitted your I-485. We are writing to inform you that we need more information from you to make a decision on your case. Please read this letter carefully and follow all of the instructions below,

 What You Need To Do
 You must provide the following information in order for us to make a final decision on your case. Please include a copy of ALL pages of this letter with your response.

Based on the documents submitted with Form I-864, Affidavit of Support, for the petitioning sponsor, **** * **** *, the income did not meet 125 percent of the federal poverty guideline for the petitioning sponsor household size. See Form I-864P for information on the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
Obtain a qualifying joint sponsor who demonstrates the ability to support you or submit evidence of assets. See Form 1-864 Instructions for more information. If you decide to obtain a joint sponsor, you will need to:

Submit a completed and signed Form I-864, Affidavit of Support, from the joint sponsor. All pages must be present and of the latest edition date.
Provide the joint sponsor's Social Security Number on Form I-864
Provide a complete and correctly calculated household size on Form I-864.
Submit a complete copy of the joint sponsor's Federal income tax return and all supporting tax documents (W-2s, 1099s, Form 2555, and tax schedules) for the most recent tax year
Submit evidence of the joint sponsor's status as a United States citizen, United States National, or Lawful Permanent Resident.

The "Total Income" line on IRS Form 1040 is used to determine qualifying income for a sponsor, not the "Gross Receipts" from IRS Schedule C or C-EZ

If the petitioning sponsor or the joint sponsor is unable to meet the income requirements, they may qualify based on the cash value of their significant assets. Assets must equal the stated difference between the sponsor's income and 125 percent of the federal poverty guideline for the sponsor's household size.
 Assets must equal the difference for applicants filing as orphans. Assets must equal three times the difference for a spouse or child of a United States citizen. Assets must equal five times the difference for all others. Acceptable evidence of assets: Bank statements covering the last 12 months (statements will be averaged over a 12 month period) or a statement from an officer of the bank or other financial institution in which the sponsor has deposits, the account balance averaged over a 12 month period, and current balance;
Evidence of ownership, value, and dates acquired of stocks, bonds, and certificates of deposit;
Evidence of ownership, value/equity, and dates acquired of other personal property;
Evidence of ownership, a recent licensed appraisal or county tax assessment, any mortgage/lien or lien release of any real estate, and dates acquired.

For further instructions and the latest edition of Form I-864, visit the USCIS website at See Specific Instructions and Specific Requirements listed in the Form I-864 instructions for complete information.

When You Need To Do It
You must send the requested information by mail to the address shown below by **** *, 2020

You must submit all of the requested evidence at one time. If you submit only part of the evidence, we will make a decision based on the evidence that you submit. We will not consider any evidence that is submitted after the due date. If you do not respond to this request by the date shown above, we will deny your case.

If you submit a document in any language other than English, you must provide: (1) a copy of the original document in its foreign language; and (2) a full English translation of the document. The translator must certify that the translation is complete and accurate, and that he or she is competent to translate from the foreign language to English.

We strongly recommend you keep a copy of all documents that you submit to USCIS in response to this request.

Please include a copy of ALL pages of this letter with your response.

I applied Form I-864 for my spouse. Im citizen. In the Schedule C $14K

My question is; If i put money in my bank account now such as $30K-$40K is this going to help me?

Number of people in your household for 2 person minimum $21,137 (2019)

I need an extra $8K. I think I need three times more than this money. It's supposed to be $24K. Isn't it?

How they are going to count "Balance averaged over a 12 month period, and current balance"? Because I will put money a couple of weeks later.
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Trying to first meet so we qualify for K1
My sweetheart is Nigerian and I'm US citizen. We met online and have been texting and facetiming since May. On July 4th we decided to take the step to physically meet and he applied for a B1/B2 Visitor Visa. Since we were already quite fond of one another we discussed the K1 Fiance Visa but found that we do not qualify since we have not physically met. We are both marriage minded due to our religion and stages in life. He had his appt on Monday Sept 16th and was denied as 214b. Truthfully at this point we really don't care what country we live or get married in, we are pretty positive we want to marry but wisdom tells one to meet first. How do we go about following the rules to accomplish what we wish to do. Any help or wisdom would be greatly appreciated. I do prefer living in the US first as I need to get the family home purchased out from under my brother, if I leave before doing that he may very well just up and sell it and we or I would have no house secured here in the US. My grandpa built this home in 1949 so I have emotional ties to it. Please advise if you have any, thank you in advance and God Bless you all in your endeavor of happiness and love.
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K1 visa under 221(G) administrative processing
Hi All,

I had my K1 visa interview on the 14th of August 2019 in Mumbai. The Visa Officer saw my evidence, I was with my fiance and said the visa was approved.

3 weeks later, I got my passport back with a white slip 221g, saying my case is under administrative processing and they will contact me when it's complete.

I would like to know if anyone's had this same experience and what the outcome of that was.

I just really miss my fiance and can't wait to be back with her. The process feels so heartbreakingly slow and long!
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Denied visa
I have trying to get a visa from 2013, I have been to the embassy 4 times however it has come to my knowledge that I was on some type of filing... my mom was in the US to work she found love there but came back so her fiancé was filing for her via a fiancé visa which she put me Nd my sister on it because we were minors at the time. Her fiancé and her split and he stop the filing and sent her some papers in the mail that he had stop the process, so i’m wonder if it is a case where the paper is pending or dus result in me can’t obtain a visitor visa?? She even went to the embassy last week and she said they kept asking her about the fiancé visa which was ten (10) years again every has moved in with their life. My bf wants to do a fiancé visa for me will that have anything to do with me now??
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