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The4Js     10/16/2016 13:12 PM

Hi mates, I am in the process of making an entry for the Diversity/Green Card visa lottery. I used the official photo tool to prepare (crop and save) my photo which had been professionally taken. I then used a photo checker online to validate the saved cropped photo and it passed all stages. To DOUBLE CHECK, I decided to RE-UPLOAD the saved cropped picture into the official photo tool. Unfortunately it does not fit and the whole image appears like I did not even crop it. Does it mean the saving was not effective, even though after cropping, I clicked on and saved photo on USB, getting a photo smaller than the original?

I have also read that the photo requirements for the Diversity visa lottery are NOT the same as those of other visas and passports? So is the official photo tool good for ALL types of photos? Is there a specific tool for Diversity visa photos? Why would the cropped saved photo not refit? Can I go ahead basing on the online photo checking tool? PLEASE HELP.

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