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iammariagraciac     04/18/2017 03:15 AM

I had my interview yesterday, April 17, 2017. My schedule was 7:10 am.

it was a smooth process.

First is initial screening with a Filipino Consul. She asked for my NBI, CENOMAR, NSO BITH CERT and MEDICAL from ST. Lukes.

She asked me the following:
1. my name and birthday
2. name of petitioner and how I am related to him
3. She confirmed that I was never married (I have 2 kids) - I said no I was never married
4. How I met my petitioner (I said we were childhood friends, lived in the same neighborhood and went to the same school until he had to leave for the states when we were in 5th grade.
5. When did you get reunited - we started talking on FB last June of 2016 and got engaged October of 2016.
6.Countries I've been to and confirmed that they were all for travel purposes and not work.
7. She told me to have the photos and evidence ready for the interview.

American Consul - Finger Printing, confirmation of port of entry (I said NY)

AMerican Consul
1. Oath Taking - to affirm that all information I will give him are true and correct.
2. He took a pink folder out which contains all documents that were submitted by my fiance.
3. He was typing on his computer for good 10 seconds and then asked me for my full name and how I met my fiance. My answer was just short and direct. Same answer I told the Fil Consul.
4. Then he closed the folder and said okay, we will approve your visa an this should be ready in 10 days! Wohooooo!

Just like all of us here, I prepared a scrapbook, more like a photo album but he did not bother to ask me for it.

Good luck to whoever is reading this and I hope it helps! :)

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