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Wuliu     07/06/2017 14:36 PM

After a bad start with another company that was taking too long to file my petition, I asked around to my work friends on another firm and they reccomeended sir Jonathan Goslow. Two of them had worked with him doing their rfe against a difficult officer and said he was really good. Wow. I had a discussion with him and was impressed as well. He really knows much about 140. And they even offered the same things like money back if we not approved. We are already so far along. I'm just so hapy we choose to go with that them. They are so fast.

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marey     07/12/2017 23:05 PM

Pathetic. Stay away from lawyers that have so much time in hand to post fake recommendation of himself!


Manandhar     12/25/2018 01:12 AM

Does anyone know the contact info of this attorney Jonathan Goslow? I searched the name and it seems he's working for a firm called Ellis Porter. But the attorney profile on their site says "John Goslow"
Are they the same person or the attorney has changed names?

I'm wondering if hiring an immigration attorney would make things move faster. I've spent more than 5 months trying to prepare the EB1A case myself but only half way through.


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