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How to get i140 Status without receipt number or approval status ?
Hi Friends,

I am going to max out in the next 6 months of my H1B, I did not know my I-140 status. My employer is not sharing any of those details, I reached out to USCIS to the given phone number and they did not disclose the status of  my i140 and any other information  as it was filed under G28 or something. They would only respond to the attorney or the petitioner name mentioned in the form. I wanted to apply for H4-EAD for my spouse. I am not  sure if there is any other way to get the status of my 140 so that I can plan accordingly. even my employer is not ready to file H4-EAD for my spouse. 
** Everything is legal and clear from my side, employer is not willing to share i140 details - I have paid for the entire process including premium fee.
Looking forward to hearing from you for any suggestions.
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Porting Priority date from old employer to new employer.
 I have few concerns porting priority date from older employer to newer employer.
First PERM was filed on 2013 with employer A. PERM approved but I-140 denied. Second PERM was filed in 2016, PERM approved and I-140 approved as well. Quit employer A few years after i-140 approval.
Employer B about to file for PERM, i wanted to clarify few point before i initiate new process.

As i understand i can extended by H1-B on the approved I-140 for as long as my priority date is not current. Post which i have to file for new GC from Employer B.

1. Since i had one I-140 denial, if my I-140 from new employer get denial would i lose my old priority date i.e 2016 ? if so, how i can avoid that from happening
2. How long i can continue to extend my H1-B on old approved I-140.
3. Can i use my first priority date i.e 2013 in any case.

Thanks & Regards
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Using an earlier priority date for EB-2 application
I filed an I-140 under the EB-1 category for myself and so far I've got a receipt notice with a priority date of 10 Nov 2021. At the same time, my employer is preparing my EB-2 application; I have been informed that they will file for the labour certification soon.

The question is, should I ask them to use the 10 Nov 2021 priority date mentioned above while filing for the labour certification?

I know this kind of reuse of priority dates is permissible in some categories, but for EB-2 the USCIS website states the priority date as the date "DOL accepts the labor certification application for processing." ( So I'm not sure if my priority date can be reused and if it's worth the potential friction when my employer finds out I jumped the gun and filed my own EB-1 application.
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I-140 amendment for location change
My I-140 got approved last year March 2020 with Priority Date Sep 2019. On my approved petition the Work Site Location has my company headquarters location New Jersey instead of my work location in Florida. Now my employer mentioned they need to do I-140 amendment for updating the correct location. Can someone clarify my questions
1) Is the processing time for amendment is same as normal I-140.
2) After amendment approval, can i change my employer or do i need to wait for 180 days.

Any suggested much appreciated.
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Case approval was certified
I got a change to my i140 case status as " case approval was certified and sent to appropriate appellate authority and that office will send you final decision."

Does anyone know what exactly this means?
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EB1C I-140 Appproved
Hi All,

Sharing my experience with I-140 processing:
1. December 15, 2020 - Attorney submitted I-140 petition
2. February 23, 2021 - Receipt notice with 12/15/2020 priority date
3. July 15, 2021 - I-140 approved

I-140 was processed by Texas Service Center

Luckily did not receive any RFE, these were anxious months as the processing timelines at TSC for EB1C processing was 9 - 24 months but received approval in exactly 7 months.

Good luck to all who are waiting for approval, it will come hang tight.

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H1b transfer with withdrawn i140
Last year i did h1b transfer from employer A to B with approved i140 after that my I 140 withdrawn(approved more than 180 days).Employer B still didn’t start my perm and i140.I got good offer from employer C so I am concern that can I transfer my h1b with withdrawn i140. Request to help me.
Thank you
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I-140 RFE submitted. When will decision come?
I hold an L1-A visa status, and filed for my I-140 in September. I got an RFE in January. I submitted the RFE last week. When should I expect a decision?
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I-140 Canceling Withdraw
I requested the Withdraw of my I-140 and I-485
But 10 days later my I-140 was approved.
I wonder if there is any way to cancel the withdrawal of my I-140 and continue the process.
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I 140 , H1B expired and recapture, L1A
My H1B was expired in 2014 and left with 2 months for recapture. Now i am on L1A with my current employer applying for I 140. can you please let me know if i can apply for H1B recapture by a new employer with an approved I 140 ?.

2019 new federal rule confirmed by DHS @ to recapture the unused H1B during any time.

Detailed explanation given by immigration expert @ to recapture the unused H1B during any time.
Recapture the unused H1B any time.
Standard code of federal regulations of H1B at 8 CFR 214.2(h)(13)(iii)(C) @
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