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bukaldrinio     04/16/2018 08:27 AM

we have been on administrative processing for 5months after our cr1 was approved in December 12 2017 and passport was returned to me THE NEXT DAY,they sent me email on what to verify my divorce decree in high court which i did and submit,then in February they requested for billofladding stated that I told them during my non immigrant visa applications that was refused many times that I deal on cars and I sent the whole billofladings both non negotiable and telex about 54 pcs.....on march we start to inquire since it has been over 60 days and we received this email which we don't really understand.......
The immigrant visa application of bukaldrinio is still undergoing administrative processing, in order to verify his qualifications for this visa. We are still awaiting the response from Washington. There is no update at this time. Please be assured that we will notify him by email or phone as soon as the processing is complete.

I thought ap is handled my embassy and what is the reason for consulting with Washington DC....... This is really hard on us.plz advice us on what to do to fasten the process thanks

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