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Sharon- ()     10/05/2005 10:58 AM

Here is some information regarding our interview:

We arrived at 08:30 as we were asked, saw the long que from outside and waited... the security guide told everyone to shut down our cell phones and the first 8 ppl entered in (we were in).

we walked to another door and there we had to deposit the electronic devise.we entered in and i saw a huge que but i knew that these ppl are waiting for turist visa so i asked the security person where is the que for the DV interview and he said "come with me" and he pointed me (it was 5 meters a head and no one was there before us) he gave us a number and the person behind the window told me to pay first.

so i went to pay and my hubby+my 2 kids stayed and waited for me to arrive with the receipt. when i arrived i showed the clerk the receipt and he asked me for all the papers.

It took him 40 min as i think he was new. then he said now you have to wait 20 min while the councler will have to go over your papers again and then you will do the finger prints and the swearing.

we were waiting for 3.5 hours!!!! we were the last to stay at the embassy ,we thought we had a problem and they rejected our file, but then we heard on the microphone "family xxxx" go to window 13- Finally.

we enterd in and the women behind the window asked us to sign the forms and sign on behalf of the kids as well, then she asked my hubby as he won the DV to tell her about his history because he used to live abroad for couple of years and that was it.

We did the right hand swearing , finger prints and she took our passport and said that we will get them via mail to the adress that we wrote. She mentined that the green card will be sent to the same adress that we wrote on the forms.

they were very f! riendly and then another councler arrived and asked " is your dream casme true? and my hubby said we are waiitng for that since i was 18 as his mother is a citizen only 3.5 years and she started the process then.... I have to admit that this whole process took 16 months and all the energy gathered for this moment.

we arrived home ate something and went to sleep for 2 hours- it was such a hectic day even that you need to sit and wait all the time. I can't remember myself so tence and nervous.

I wish all of you good luck and will update you all when the passport will arrive Thanks to all the ppl on the board.i got allot of necessary information here.

We are planning to move there within 4 months to Colorado.

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