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dbmlm     06/13/2019 00:11 AM

This is our experience. Both primary and spouse both filed. Hopefully this will be helpful. Our interview was in NYC office.


I-140/485 Filing: concurrent
RFE Received?: no
end of Mar 2018> Application Filed (I485/AP/EAD/I140)
end of Mar 2018> Priority Date
first week of May 2018> First Fingerprint Date
 Jun 2018> EAD/AP Received (primary)
 Oct 2018> I-140 Approval
 Nov 2018>Case Transferred to: National Benefits Center Transfer Date
start of Apr 2019> pink courtesy letter received asking for 2 passport photos
end of Apr 2019 > Interview Notice Date
03 Jun 2019> Interview Date
07 Jun 2019> Card Production Ordered
12 June 2019> the Post Office picked up mail containing your new card
15 June 2019> expected to Receive card!!!

Interview appointment was at 7:15am (get at least 30-45min before), we were done by 8:30am- did not bring a lawyer with us. The officer was very friendly, felt more like a conversation.
Original documents we were asked for: recent Passports, marriage certificate, birth certificate, W2, paycheck, employment letter , advance parole, 2 photos
- address where you live, how long have u lived there?
- Do you have a lease ( gave Lease and letter from building that we live together)
- What city was spouse born
- Do u speak spouse's language ?
- Where was your last trip outside USA ?
- Where did you guys meet?
- What is spouse's birthday
 - what was date of your wedding
- You have family in USA?
 - Do you work now ?
 -What is the job title of spouse?
- Where did the spouse work before that ?
Bunch of yes, no qsts

Since our medical exam was more than a year old we did bring a new test with us but were not asked for it.

Hope this helps folks out there. Good luck!

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