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raja bijjam     08/19/2019 13:10 PM

Canada Visitor Visa
Jul 03 - Submitted the application
Jul 04 - Received Bio metric letter
Jul 22 - Provided Biometrics

There is no latest update since then, does anyone know how to check for the latest update other than checking online.

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vms21     08/20/2019 13:38 PM

Similar time line, submitted application online around July 22, Bio provided on 23rd. Standard statuses are showing like,
We are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility req;
We are processing your background check, we will send a message if we need more information.

When contacted through web form, they said 'Please be informed that your application is currently in queue for review by an officer'.

Recently I came to know that, my license had a suspension for 2-months back in 2012, which I have no idea of. This is due to missing a court appointment for traffic violation (double white line cross), even though I paid dues on same day, their system didn't get updated correctly. Currently court requested to update the records with correct information which takes a month or so time. I am not sure if this is causing any delay, if so, how would I let Canadian officer know about this situation.

I highly encourage to get the background checks done before applying for any visa. I am in USA on a work visa, applied Canadian visitor visa for visiting and visa purpose.



dimilitant     10/11/2019 10:11 AM

Hi vms21,
 I am a bit similar to your situation. Have you been approved or any response yet? I did a reapplication and its been over 25 days and still no response. it says background check still in process since i applied. And I am 100% sure i have no record of violation anywhere. My biometrics were completed and cleared in my 1st application which was refused.

I have also sent a webform enquiry. How long did it take you to receive a response after using the webform.

I am in Australia and this process was suppose to take only 15 days but its been almost double of its processing time. Did you get any feedback again. Do you think it is a possible granted visa or not? because it is been long and my travelling date is getting due in a week's time


vms21     08/22/2019 12:59 PM

Are you still waiting for the decision or you received any update from them?
I am still waiting, will update as I get updates from them, please do the same if you can.


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