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Canada TRV validity if the employment is terminated

I wanted to know what will happen to my temporary resident visa if my employment in Canada is terminated. Can i still travel in and out of Canada without working for any employer?
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Related to CANADA GTS Work permit Process and Related Visa
Hello Team,

Recently I got an offer from a Canadian employer from Quebec and based on them, they have submitted my application for GTS work permit.

Now I have several question related to this:

1) How to track my work permit application status.
2) When I will get notification for biometric and how?
3) How Canadian visa is going to be stamped on my passport ?

I am completely new for this process, requesting you all to please guide me on this.
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WP under GSS cstegory is filed on March26th
Did anyone apply for work permit under GSS category.How long it is taking to get it approved?
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Applied for Intra Company Transfer Visa Applied and waiting to receive Stamped Visa
I have applied for Canada Intra Company Transfer work permit visa
Visa Applied online on Nov 20 2020
Biometric Done on Dec 11th 2020
Request Passport for Visa Stamping on Jan 11th 2021
Passport sent it to IRCC Ontario office on Jan13th 2021
Visa approved on February 8th 2021

Question: When I will receive my Stamped Passport? how many days it will take for stamping and send passport back?

How do I contact Ottawa IRCC office to get more any information on when I will receive my stamped passport?
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Child passport request pending
I got my work permit approved but my son’s passport request is pending any one experienced the same , it will be helpful.If yes when will I get his approval ( 6 year old ) .

Thank you .
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Canada new three days hotel quarantine
Hi is anyone aware if the new mandatory 3 days hotel quarantine would apply to the people with work permit entering for the first time in canada from USA?

Also has anyone entered canada from usa via land border please share your experience...

Thank you
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ICT Canada Process and Question

I am from India, staying in the US on an H1B and my wife is on H4. We have a kid who is a US citizen. My company is applying for an ICT transfer to Canada. My company sent me the letter to submit my passport (both for me and my wife) for me for stamping.

I plan to move to Canada in April and was wondering what visa would be required for my son (us citizen)? Does he need a visa to go to Canada with me given that only essential travel is being allowed currently?

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WP GSS category application timeline and Shipping labels query
We are a family of three (daughter is a US citizen), planning to travel to Canada by road

Following is our timeline as of Jan 21, 2021:
1. Biometrics Completed - Dec 1, 2020 (at NYC ASC)
2. Medical test results - Dec 19, 2020 (at NYC Albert Levy)
3. Medical Result approved - Dec 22, 2020
4. Waiting for Passport Request letter - checked Jan 20, 2020 (portal says: reviewing eligibility, no additional docs needed, background check being processed and application is in progress)

I was reading that the next step of receiving the approval letter is to request a two-way shipping label from VFS? Is there any way we can request a label before receiving the approval (assuming that the application is approved?) as it may save some time.

Your help is really appreciated. Thanks
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Travel from USA To Canada
Has anyone recently travelled from USA to Canada on Work Permit(intra company trasfer via land or airline)?

Below is my experience on getting Canada WP.
1. 15-Dec - Biometric completed
2. 12-Jan - received letter to submit passport
3. 15-Jan - Submitted passport
4. Waiting for passport

Please let me know if you need any info on approval process. I am looking for info if anyone travelled on WP from USA To Canada
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WP GSS Category Time from US to Canada
Hi All,

Do we have anyone in this group whose WP was filed in GSS category from US to Canada and can suggest average processing time in these current delays? I have seen some posts where regular ICT WP has taken around 2 months to get passport request. So probably GSS ones can be faster, any suggestions would be helpful.
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