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Work visa
Hi ..
     I am currently in Canada as visitor and I have nominated by the province with LMIA exampt work Permit.
I have applied work permit inside Canada but I got refused and they said apply on another country.
Is it possible can I apply work permit through visa application centre in New York,USA.
What are the possibilities to approve please guide me.
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Any Recent Work Permit Application approvals?
WP applied : 25 May
Biometric Submission : 16th July
No update yet ??

Anyone with recent approvals please share their experiences.
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Any recent CANADA Work Permit Approvals ?
My WP filed on May, 6th and Biometric was submitted on July, 22nd. Has anyone recently received WP approvals. If you know anyone did then please post details
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Biometrics for WP at Point of Entry (POE) from IRCC
I am currently in US snd my Canada WP application was filled in March 2020 and i got the BIL generated within next week. But unfortunately due to COVID, all the ASCs were shut and the one nearest to me was closed on the very day when i went. I was waiting for them reopen and finally got it completed on 07/27. Interestingly, on the same day my employer forwarded me a note where it seems the IRCC has sent a notification that due to unexpected COVID delays, I can give the biometrics at the POE while entering Canada. Now that i have already given biometrics at ASC and has IRCC's exemption to give biometrics at POE, I am slightly confused on the next steps. Any one has similar experience like mine?
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Is there any way i can check Canada WP status online? The application was submitted by my employer,so i don't know how to check that
I have applied for my Canada work permit and completed biometric on 22nd July. So can anyone tells me how much time it takes to get the passport letter?
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No appointments available at ASCs for Biometrics
Hi All,

I am waiting for my biometric letter from IRCC for a work permit. But when I go to the appointment site for ASCs I cannot find any appointment at any ASC in California. Both the VACs are also closed until further notice. I called USCIS and they said they are not accepting walk-ins at ASCs due to Covid19. This means I cannot give biometrics as I cannot see any appointment slots. I have been checking daily for the last 1 week and I do not see any slots available. Is anyone going through the same experience ? Any ideas if I can walk-in to an ASC and provide biometrics. I have checked so far 22 ASCs in California and none of them have any open slots. I am panicking that I will not be able to give any biometrics and not be able to move to Canada to join the new job.
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Canada Work permit processing -2020
Hi All,
I just want to share my experience with my Canada Work Permit. I already gave bio metrics for my visitor visa last year,hence no bio metrics required for my WP.

Application Submitted - April 29,2020
Correspondence letter for Biometrics validity -July 6
Request to submit passport - July 13
Submitted passport to Consulate of Canada (LA) - July 14
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Biometric Letter Not Received
Hello Everyone,

Has any got the biometric instruction letter yet for ICT canada visa (GSS category) or any other visa category? Application support center are opening up here on July 27th.
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Biometrics from the US
Hi there! I am currently in the US but on an nonimmigrant visa. I applied for a student permit and temp visa to Canada on the first of June and was given a biometrics request the following day
 I would like to know if anyone here can advise me where it is better to get the biometrics done. The Canada Visa application centers are still closed [in New York City and Los Angeles] and it was tentatively announced the LA office should open on the 22nd but still not sure. The USCIS Application application support centers are tentatively supposed to open on the 29th. I would like to know if anyone has experience here going to the Application Support Center instead of the Visa Application Center of Canada for biometrics? I know the USCIS is very slow in processing everything these days and would not want my application to be delayed because of them.

Input would be deeply appreciated. Thanks!
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Canada work visa
Hi There,
I had completed my biometrics for my Canada work permit on 03/16/20 from USA.. But till now I haven't got any updates on my visa. Did anyone get approval recently or in the same boat? Any answers would be really helpful. Thanks in advance !
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