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Njgirl1234     08/22/2019 11:26 AM

Hello everyone!

I recently received my extension letter I. The mail which now has my husband last name. I went to my local dmv and they told me they can’t add my husbands last name to my drivers license as it is not in my physical green card which expires in October of this year. Has anyone gone though something like it? If so how did you go about it?

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cdrkr2k     08/23/2019 10:09 AM

Change your name in social security, then take it to the dmv with the new ss card and marriage certificate. get you new DL.


Bethzly     08/27/2019 14:33 PM

Go to social security first and go to dmv


Tally     09/06/2019 00:21 AM

Social security and dmv will only give you an identification based on what is on your greencard and the extension because that is what they are using as basis for giving you a license. They use the extension letter to update your license


Tally     09/06/2019 00:25 AM

Question why does your physical greencard have a different name from your extension letter. Both your physical greencard and your extension letter should have the same name. Your extension is kinda an automatic extension so they have not really looked at your case has yet. Did you explain why you changed your name?


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