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Usps loaa my receipt
I applied application on 13 of oct and got text from uscis they sent notice on 18th. I have usps account, on Saturday i saw in my email notice from USCIS but usps delivered in wrong address. I never received the mail in my address. I complain usps but they said they can not do nothing. It’s really frustrating.
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Extension Letter Expiring soon / Stamp needed ?
From USCIS website:
Conditional permanent residents who properly file Form I-751 or Form I-829 will receive a receipt notice that can be presented with their Form I-551, Permanent Resident Card (also known as a Green Card), as evidence of continued status for up to 24 months past the expiration date on their Green Card, while their case remains pending with USCIS.

Additionally, we will issue new receipt notices to eligible conditional permanent residents who properly filed their Form I-751 or Form I-829 before Sept. 4 and whose cases are still pending. Those receipt notices will also serve as evidence of continued status for 24 months past the expiration date on their Green Card.

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Approval without intimation
Hello everyone, I hope and pray everyone is close to getting their GC approved soon. I just checked my case on USCIS website and it says my I-751 was approved but I have not received any text or email informing me about the same. Is this normal? I am really concerned. Also if it is indeed true and I can finally breathe easily, how long does it take from approval to receiving the card in hand. I ask as we are moving by the end of next week Nov 5th. Will it be delivered before that?
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I751 extension and travel PLEASE ADVISE IF YOU CAN
Hi so, back story. i have the shittest luck, while waiting for my 2 years GC my mom got diagnosed with cancer & that was hell because i couldnt travel, then covid hit & i got the my GC. Thankfully she came out cancer free early this year. I thought my biggest worry would be removing conditions on the card which i just got my receipt number for but following that text this morning my mom told me my dad’s recent check up indicates colon cancer. Like seriously wtf. My green card expires beginning of January but i need to see my dad December if life spares but im scared to travel on a soon to be expired green card especially since the 2 trips i look at the end of my mom’s chemo and for her surgery i was treated horribly at the airport by immigration. Any advise?
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Travel with extension letter
My conditional green Card is already expired. The only valid document I have is the 18 months extension letter

Do you guys recommend to travel internationally with this letter ?

Is there any risk with immigration when presenting a expired green card and just the extension letter to enter the country again ?
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Potomac 1751 and N400
Hello Guys. whats month/year potomac is currenty processing. My PD date is April 1,2020. last update was my bio was taken.

N400 was filed Jan 2021. Had a scchedule last October 18 for interview but got cancelled because file was not delivered to USCIS tampa.

Can you just share your experience? thank you
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Virginia I751 Application, YSC receipt Number
Hello All,

I just got an update today wanted to share with everyone waiting so they can have a reference for timeline.

Got my conditional green card back in April 2018.

- PD-March 3,2020 from Fairfax VA, Applied for I-751 - I did it myself, just filled forms, sent it to them include tax returns(jointly for last 3 years), insurances(car, health), mortgage, our child s birth certificate
- 5/13/2020 Previous fingerprints were used
- 10/20/2021 New card is being produced

I guess they skip interview for my case. I also applied N400 on April 20,2021. I am not sure if that had any affect on my case, but I am happy to see my new card is on the way.
Hope you all will get results soon.
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I-751 Potomac Processing Time
Is the processing time on the USCIS website accurate ? it's saying 20 months -23months, and its still showing they processing November 14th 2019. I applied jointly with my spouse October 2020. Have anyone who applied during that time line heard anything other that fingerprint been reused ? Mine has been stuck at fingerprints reused since January 2021. I am applying for the N400 in a week, will that trigger my I751 ?

Thank you in advance !
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I -751 question
I live in Florida where do I send my I-751 package? Please help
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Vermont service center EAC I-751
PD July 2021
Case received July 2021
Finger print used Aug 2021
Nothing happened since

I know I still have a long wait.

Can you guys share your Vermont remove of conditions experiences? Especially there is a back log now.
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