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Online N400
Could anyone please let me know what supporting documents that are required when you apply N400 online?
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EACxxxxx - March 2021 filer
March 11, 2021 We received your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence.
April 21, 2021 The fingerprints relating to your Form I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, were taken.
June 27, 2022 New Card Is Being Produced.

Good Luck to everyone out there.
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1751 RFE
Hello everyone,
LIN- Nebraska
Filled for 1751 January 2021,
April 30th fingerprints reused.
Dec RFE sent
January Received
It's over 5months since I sent in my RFE additional documents, still nothing.
Please advise on what to do, my wife is threatening me with divorce at the moment.
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RFE with waiver
After 2 years and 5 months I just got a notification that an RFE was sent. Nebraska. My case is a divorce waiver. Anyone with a similar case can share what the RFE could be?
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Status change
Applied January 2020, changed to ‘Fingerprints applied’ in June 2021. Yesterday status changed to ‘Name was updated’. Has anyone had the same? Does it mean I’m getting closer to some kind of decision?
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Anyone ever had this experience??
I filed I-751 2021,then I file n-400 while I-751 is pending.
I751 I was always stuck on fingerprint reused .
Received interview date for 06/06/22,…(combo interview)I .passed n-400 but decision can’t be made because they have to review my I-751 (did not get approved on spot)
Today May case status changed to “case transferred to another office “
I know I 751 case always transfer after n -400 is filed and before the interview….mine is saying transfer after interview.
They stated they will mail me a notice in the mail.
Does anyone normally receive a notice when case is being transferred
What are your view
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Filed 1751 Jan 2019 Still waiting Divorced July 2021 Still waiting Waiver sent Filed Citizenship - Jan 2022 Still waiting What's new???

Contacted ombudsman 2 times second time they said I should receive notice in 45 days 2 weeks ago if I find Recieved it contact USCIS for help!😀😂 crazy wait
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I am so confused. Can there be a case transfer to local office without notifications?
I submitted i751 December 12 ,2020. Joint. Got 18 months letter January 23 2021. Updated to fingerprints reuse May 28,2021. Since then, nothing. Just silence. No ref. No update. Then on 9 May 2022, got a notification of action on my email. I went inside the app and it was still stuck to FINGERPRINT REUSE. But showed a change of date to 5/9 whout specific the action. Still stuck at fingerprint. I called USCIS and an agent said he saw an action transferring my case. I asked if notifications will come in mail,he said YES. I waited and didn't see notifications and called after a month and an agent said the case was transferred to my field office. I asked if it was for INTERVIEW,he said maybe or maybe not.He said the processing time is still within normal. He said they may not call for interviews and may call for it too but right now nothing.
It was LIN number. Has someone experienced this? Have anyone got approved without interview after transfer to field office?
I am due for N400 but was advised to leave it till I am done with i751.
Please guys,don't keep quiet. I need shares of this kinda experience.
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Hello, does anybody know which moth Texas office is working on. Thank you,
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Vermont center
February 26,2021: case received

No updates until today

June 14 2022: new card produced

Good luck everyone
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