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Hello guys, I filled my N-400 while my I-751 still pending for a year since September 2022. Current status is
"fingerprints were taken".

I have been 3 year married to a US Citizen so I applied my N-400 this September 1st 2023 online. The same day I got notification on my account that they will used my biometrics and case it's been reviewed by USCIS, that’s the current status of my case.

Just want to know if anyone in New York have and answer how long will I have to wait for USCIS to schedule my interview and if anyone went through the same please share your timeline and experience.

Thank you
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Obtained US Citizenship through marriage - question about re-marrying
Hi all, I married a US Citizen in 2016 while I was on F1 student visa - unfortunately things did not work out and got divorced in 2022. I got my US Citizenship in 2021.

Last year one of my sisters friends moved to the US for school and is currently under a F1 visa. I started showing her around town and we started hanging out a lot - we seem to be getting along very well which has made me start thinking long term. We have been dating for almost a year and I am thinking to ask her to move in with me soon.

Does anyone have any experience on what I should expect immigration-wise in case we ever get married later on? For example if we get married a few months before her OPT ends in 2025?

What types of issues/obstacles may occur throughout the immigration process? Although I am a US citizen, I am very worried that I will have issues marrying a F1 student as I obtained my citizenship the same way. have evidence to show that my previous marriage was bona-fide (rent lease, checking accounts, health benefits, life insurance, car insurance) in case its a requirement and I m still worried about it. Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
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Oath Ceremony
Hi everyone,

Do you know if we can bring guests to the oath ceremony? My oath ceremony letter does not say anything about that. Can someone please share your experience?
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I-751 (SRC Texas Service Center) and N-400 New Orleans Louisiana Combo Interview
Hi everyone, I have been reading and following this forum for the past several years, and honestly I thought that this day would never come. I am writing this to share that my immigration journey is finally coming to an end.

I applied for the I-751 in June of 2021, and my case was been processed by the SRC Texas Service Center. For almost 1 year and 6 months, I did not hear anything from them other than fingerprints being re-used and all the extension letters I have received (18, 24 and 48 months).

In December of 2022 (after being eligible for a while) I decided to pull the trigger and apply for citizenship. And then immediately, as expected, my I-751 was transferred to NBC for fast processing.

Only 8 months later, in August of this year 2023, I finally received a letter inviting me for an interview which happened yesterday 9/5/2023. I went to USCIS in New Orleans Louisiana in the morning as the interview letter invited.

The IO who interviewed me was very professional and polite, so the interview went very smoothly. When I walked into her office, I immediately saw my I-751 file on her desk, which was a big relief. So as I expected I was having a combo interview. The officer said we would start reviewing my I-751 first and only after that we would proceed with the N-400.
She said all looked good, that I had provided more than enough evidence, and did not ask for any more documents. She asked me to confirm all the personal information in the application such as name, date of birth, address, cell phone number, etc. After that she said ok, All is good and I am approving your I-751. She looked and typed in the computer for a little while and confirmed she approved my removal of conditions and now we can proceed with the N-400.

We then started the civics test and the questions were: Who is the father of our country? What did Martin Luther King Jr. do? Why do some states have more representatives?, Name one state that borders Canada, Name one branch or part of the government, What stops one branch of government from becoming too powerful?

I got all 6 questions right and we proceeded with the reading and writing tests which I also passed both. At the end of the interview, she said my N-400 was also approved and that I should wait for the notice for the Oath Ceremony.

On the same day in the afternoon, I checked my USCIS online account and the Oath Ceremony notice was there and had been scheduled for the end of this month.
So that's it! I will finally be done soon.

To all of you waiting on decisions on your case, hang tight, and have hope! Your day will also come. Feel free to ask any questions you may have! Good luck.
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Delayed I-751, but citizenship finally approved.
Well the immigration journey is over. Passed N-400 interview Monday and did Oath that afternoon. The citizenship USCIS staff other than security is so much different than anything before, warm, friendly, and happy for you. The oath was a celebration put on by them. I never let my guard down with them, but it was nice to feel welcomed.
I'd be angry if it wasn't for that experience. I had filed a I-751 in May 2020, and a N-400 in June 2021. I originally was set for N-400 interview in December 2021. Then they descheduled it the week before. After pestering senators and ombudsmen, USCIS finally approved the I-751 in January 2023. The N-400 interview was Monday. Well, I found out why everything took so long from the N-400 officer. Potomac lost the I-751 file. That is why it was delayed, Even on Monday, the N-400 officer had nothing, so im thinking oh no another delay. She asked me for proof the I-751 approval letter, which shows the receipt number for paper trail, so luckily brought that with me.
It just goes to show you save every document you may need it.
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Ysc I-751 wavier, case transferred to NBC for Scheduling interview
My case was recently transferred to NBC for scheduling interview after I responded to RFE. I’ve been in waiting game since Feb 2021. How long does it take to schedule an interview after your case was transferred? Anyone with similar experience? Also I haven’t filed for n400 yet.
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Question on divorce and removal of conditions
Hello all:
I have greatly benefited from this forum and I am writing to seek more help.
Please see timeline below:
July 27, 2023 - Divorce decree issued
August 9, 2023 - Divorce decree received
August 16, 2023 - Green card approved
August 25, 2023 - Green card received

I received my green card, removed conditions soon after my divorce was issued BUT BEFORE I COULD INFORM USCIS ABOUT MY DIVORCE.

Ask from the forum:
1. Please advise me on whether I should inform USCIS about my divorce OR stay silent?
2. If I don't inform USCIS, will it affect me filing for Citizenship (not 3 years after green card but regular 5 year green card timeline).

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When is it appropriate to put in enquiry
Hello all,

So i have being waiting to remove condition for 2yrs. When is it appropriate to open enquiry please. Service center is texas.
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Traveling Ouside of US with ExtensionLetter
Hi, I am Green card owner and I received 48 months extension letter. This November my wife, my kid and I are planning to go to Korea to visit my family. And I have three questions that I want to see you guys can help me:

1. What documents should I bring with me for reentering to USA?
2. I recently see the “replacing Green Card” from USCIS website, and do I need to file I-90 to replace my expired green card?
3. How can I get stamp from USCIS on my passport?

Thank you!
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Any California Approved applications.
I checked the time processing for Wac / California Center it says 80% of cases 17.5 month . Do you guys know what month are they processing? My last update was July 22 of 2022 . 1 year and no changes ..
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