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Vermont CS
Hi! Can I get some Vermont CS experiences? Our I-751 application was received on September 25, the notice arrived about a week later. Just trying to see when to expect the biometrics appointment (or old biometrics to be reused) and what the timeline looks like for VT. I'm a Massachusetts applicant.
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i751 AZ lockbox
Hi All,
My package was delivered via Fedex on Oct 9th to Arizona lockbox. I have not received any notification/confirmation yet. Check, also is not cashed. Its been 10 days today. Is this something like a normal timeline. Or shall i be concerned? Please share your experience.
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California case-update
Just wanted to share with you some updates on a CA case.

-Filled I751 end of Nov 2019
-Beguining of july Bio applied to case (old bio reused)

Then crickets until 4 days ago when I got an update that my case was transferred to another office.

Received a letter saying that it was transferred to Lee Summit NBC.

There was no movement on my I-751before I applied for N400 15 days ago.

No clue if it is a coincidence or if the N400 made the I751 move a little.

Anyone has an idea about what this could mean?
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I'm in New Jersey,

Filed I-751: 5/23/2019
Biometrics: 6/17/2019
Case ready to schedule interview: 08/24/2019

Does anyone know the processing time for I-751 NBC (national benefit center, receipt number starts with MSC)?

I'm still waiting for my interview but there is no update. My extension letter will expire this December so I'm really worried.

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Hi all. My 18 months extension got expired in September 2020 and I had called USCIS to get appointment for the i551 stamp but they are asking for a valid reason. As of now I don’t have any plans to travel outside US since my baby is very young. Can anyone help me out. Is there any issues if I stay without i551 stamp when my green card is still pending. Thanks
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n400 with pending i751
Anyone here who applied for n400 with pending i751?
Please share your experience who see movement in i751 approval or interview.
Thanks in advance
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Travel with i551 stamp
Hey guys i want to know if anyone had travelled within last 2 years to india with i551 stamp while gc is pending
  please share your experience i am.planning to travel india
 do they accept i551 stamp or i would be in any problem while coming back to usa
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Card being produced
Applied for i751 on june 2019 potomac SC
Sep 2019 biometrics done
Oct 14 2020 new card being produced no interview no rfe

Paperwork submitted:
Joint lease
Joint bank account
2 joint credit card accounts
Taxes for 3 years
Pictures like 10 of them
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Congressman feedback
So I contacted congressman for my pending AOS, which interview was one year ago. Today I got a feedback from congressman that USCIS said I will get a notice in the mail within 45 days, Lol. If I don't hear anything after 45days, I'm filing a mandamus...
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How can you guys see which cases they are working on? I see people all the time saying "oh, they skipped mine" or "they're working on cases from June 19", how can you guys see all of that??
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