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I-751 with divorce waiver
Hi everyone,

I am applying I-751 to remove conditions from my 2y green card with a finalized divorce. My ex and separated 1 year and a month after I received my GC. I applied for divorce 3 months later after separation. There was a reason for the divorce and my ex and I did our best to save the relationship. My question is for those who are or were in the same situation. I would like to get an opinion on our evidences since I wasn't able to get some after we divorced.
all evidences I submitted :
1.Affidavit from me (notarized) 7 pages long from the date we met until we divorced.
2.Affidavit from my ex spouse (notarized) he explained why we separated and divorced.
3.Affidavit from my ex mother-in-law with details about our relationship.
4.Affidavits from 2 of my friends
5. A letter from the counselor and receipts from all our visits.
6.House Lease
7.Pictures (10-15)
8.A letter from our bank saying that our joint account was closed
9. car loan with statements and savings account
10. Electric and Internet bills with our names and address
11. Tax returns (married filled separate)
Thats all documents I was able to get .

how many affidavits and joint documents did you submit?
how was your experience?
Thank you!
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Green Card After You Entered On K1 to United States.
Hello Folks,

I entered to United States on K1 visa . I received 2.0 years conditional green card without interview. To remove the conditioned, has anyone faced interview especially for the one entered on K1? If yes, whether it was before getting conditional green card ; when applied for removing the condition on green card or both times?

I believe interview and processing (timeline) for I751 is based differently i.e. Those who were already in United States on different visas and got married ; those who got married in their home country ; third like me who entered United States on K1.

Your response on it will be highly appreciated!
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After rfe is there any chances of interview ??
Hi folks
I751 waiver dec 2018
california service center
Applied in dec 2018
Biometric in may 2019
Rfe in march 2020
Send rfe responce in may 2020
Status updated of rfe responce recieved on may 11, 2020
I want to know what are the chances of approval with rfe or will then schedule an interview after rfe ??
Need advice waiting from dec 2018 for approval
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Updated case status
Hi guys! I applied my i751 package on April 6 2020, and on uscis website case status was received as it should be. I got my extension letter a week later. And NOW the case status says “Fingerprints were taken” when I never had a biometric invitation letter from uscis and I hadn’t gone to give my fingerprints this time!
Could they take a fingerprints from the previous package? Or it’s a website mistake? Have anyone had this situation?
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Re: still waiting Nyc
I had filed on august 2019. Going into 9 months in June I did biometric and it was applied to case in September 2019. From then I haven’t heard anything more. Field office is Vermont. Am still waiting patiently anyone with the same timeline has me
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I-751 Vermont center
Filed for I751 in 5 January 2019
Biometrics done 14 February 2019
Filed for N -400 in 30 December 2019
Biometrics for N -400 done in 23 January 2020
I-751 transferred in 14 January NBC
 It’s been almost 17 months nothing
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I-751 Aprroved
Guys I am giving you my experiences

01/05/2020 : Case was received

02/28/2020 : Fingerprint review was completed

05/05/2020 . Case was received at my local office

05/27/2020 : Case was Approved

05/29/2020 : Card was mailed

I just received my approval notice

My case took about 4 months

Feel free to ask me any kind of Question
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Texas SC May 1st 2020 Case Was Received At My Local Office
I am still waiting and notice that folks that have submitted there application before and around the same time I did have been approved. Happy for y’all and for the rest let’s pray we get ours soon. Here is my timeline located in
Houston, Tx.

07/23/19 -We received your Form I-751
11/21/19- biometrics where taken
11/22/19- biometrics where updated have been applied to your case
05/01/20- on says under case updated but nothing else is updated. When I log in to it’s says May 1st case was received to local office.

So I decided to call customer service (which was waste of time) She did not seem to care or want to help. She was like your case seems like it was transferred to your local office maybe for an interview. But, not sure but wait it’s still at the Texas SC. Then I was like so where is it?? She’s like i don’t know if you don’t have anymore questions “thank you for calling” bla bla bla and hangs up. So, I’m assuming it was transferred to balance the work load since that’s something that Uscis does.
All we can do is pray and keep waiting.......
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Nov 27/19 - submitted I-751
Feb 11/20 - biometrics
May 27/20 - case was approved
May 28/20 - card mailed
May 29/20 - waiting :-)

Goodluck Everyone and stay safe :-)
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Jan 2019 filer. Still waiting.
Hey all. Just wanted to come by and cry for a little bit again :( Still waiting. Filed 01/22/2019.
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