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I-751 interview
Has anyone been in a situation where your case is ready to be scheduled for an interview to case approved? Case transferred to Lee Summit after RFE and now is ready to be scheduled for an interview. Anyone?
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Case is Approved
Hi guys, I have been using this website as my reference resource and I am so grateful for all the info and experiences you guys have shared. I want to share my experience to show my gratitude to this forum. so I sent in my I-751 application on October 30, 2019; the USCIS received on November 5th, 2019; finger prints were done on December 2, 2019. and after that it was the long wait. However, I got an update on August 6, 2020 saying that "Your card is being produced" and on August 7, 2020 they updated the status to "Case Was Approved". There was no RFE or whatsoever in between. Currently I am still waiting for the mail-in and the status maintained "Case Was Approved". I consulted my lawyer she said I got lucky cuz sometimes they are slower sometimes they are faster and I guess I just got lucky. All in all, I am writing here to say thank you to this forum as it has helped me to prepare my case and get through the entire process with proper info and experiences shared here. Much appreciated y'all and god bless you all.
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Need references for clinical psychologist in Chicago
Hi everyone my green card is expiring in couple of months my husband has been abusing me through this relationship because of this I have suffered a mental emotional damage I have divorced him right now I have to use temporary green card . I’ve been depression and my lawyer is trying to apply I 751 and asked me to have a session with clinical psychologist who can evaluate my condition and give a report for immigration purposes. Does anyone of you know any psychologist who can help do this cheap? I found couple and they are charging $2000 for just one session. Any help is appreciated guys.
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On the prospect of filing a I751 divorce waiver
Hello all - first time poster here, writing about the prospect of filing a I-751 waiver. My husband (USC) and I have been dating for almost 3 years, before getting married about 1.5 years ago. I got my 2-year conditional Greencard about a year ago (July 2019). The simple truth is that I feel unhappy in the current marriage, as my husband has changed a lot (drugs, etc). In short, while I can 'survive time', as a 'all-or-nothing' person, I do not see a long-term future at this point (we have no kids yet).
We have been living together for 2 years, and thus have proof on joint leases, joint banking/savings/credit cards, joint investments and 401k, various joint insurances, pictures, receipts of travel within US / to Europe incl. family visits, 2 years of joint taxes, utility bills, years of letters to each other and letters/postcards from family/friends to us jointly, joint wedding invitations from friends and several other minor items such as invoices for bigger purchases.

The question I am trying to get a handle on is as follows: Assuming we initiate a divorce at this stage and I have to file a waiver either right after it's finalized (or at the end of the 2 year conditional period), would chances be reasonably high that I will receive my 10 year Greencard?

I feel OK with another interview down the road, as I have enough confidence to verbally present a clear bona-fide case.
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Can you travel outside the country after filing for removal of condition on green card
Here is my long journey.
I came here for graduate school. Finished school and then was on OPT for a year. Got married and filed for change of status. This wait took me 20 months. I have not seen my aging parents for almost 4 years. I was advised not to leave the country even with a travel document. I got my green card last year, but couldn't go because of a new job. I was all planned to go home this summer and now the pandemic.
My green card is expiring next August. I am very concerned if I file for removal of condition, i wouldn't be allowed to leave the country as the last time. Has anybody left the country for family emergency after filing for removal of condition?
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Potomac Service Center processing June cases for i-751
Hey All,

I spent few hours looking at thousands of cases with YSC numbers. My conclusion they are currently processing cases from June 2019. If your case last status was saying case received in June or fingerprints were taking in October 2019. This mean you will be approved this month hopefully. Not all cases fall under this time line there is a variance of +- 2 months for specific cases. But this applies for the majority. Good luck...
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I-751 approval Vermont
Hi everyone
I am glad to share my timeline. This forum have been very helpful!

June 2019 I- 751 submitted
July 2019 Biometrics
April 2020 RFE
June 2020 RFE received
July 16 2020 “Case approved “
August 4th Card mailed

I wish all of you have good news soon!
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10 Year GC in hand
i751 Filed may 2019
Biometric November 2019
RFE April 2020
RFE response received June 2020
New Card Being Produced July 13, 2020
Case Approved July 14, 2020
Card mailed to me August 2nd, 2020
Card received August 7th, 2020

Keep the hope and don’t stress out
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I-751 approved 06/19/2020, Texas
Hi guys,
 Please i want to find out if anybody here had his / her case approve around june 19, 2020 but has not received the permanent resident card yet?
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USCIS Call Center Representetives
Hello All,

I just called USCIS to follow up on my 15 months pending I-751 file. I told everything about my case to an officer or whatever the title is. She told me that USCIS will mail my approval letter in 75 days. I did not even ask if I am going to be approved or receive an RFE. All I asked is I have three months left on my extension letter. I was wondering if there will be any decision made by then. But why 75 days? does anyone hear anything like that from the UCIS customer service center? Can they see more about our case? I asked specifically the reason why I was calling is that if they can tell me something that I cannot find online tools.
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