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jatin19k     08/22/2019 15:00 PM

Dear Community Members,

I had applied for tourist visa with my parents from USA. Following are the timeline:

Application submitted: 6th Aug 19
Biometrics Collection Letter: 7th Aug 19
Biometrics Completed: 21st Aug 19

For both of my parents its showing below when I goes to: Check full application status > View submitted application or upload documents.
Family Members

You have told us that additional people will come to Canada with you. Please attach their documents below.

Now I am confused for below reasons:

1) I had already uploaded the mentioned document when I submitted the application.
2) On my parents' dashboard table its still showing "We do not need additional documents" under "Review of additional documents"

So my question is what to do, do they need additional documents or not. If yes, then how to submit since there is no option to upload it as I had already uploaded the asked document with original submission.

Thanks a lot for helping hand.

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jatin19k     08/22/2019 15:03 PM

P.S: We all are Indian passport holders. I am in USA on student visa and my parents on B1/B2 visa.


jatin19k     08/23/2019 11:58 AM

I got passport request letter today. It turns out the above cited issue didn't hindered the process of me getting passport request letter.

Anyways thanks for this community resources.


CanadaTRVVisa     08/23/2019 17:08 PM

Did you get passport letters for all the 3 applications? Thanks.


jatin19k     08/23/2019 23:36 PM

Yes, I got for all of them.


jatin19k     08/30/2019 15:17 PM

So here is the updated timeline. Which is same for all the applicants:

Application submitted: 6th Aug 19
Biometrics collection letter: 7th Aug 19
Biometrics completed : 21st Aug 19
Confirmation of biometrics: 22nd Aug 19
Passport Request: 23rd Aug 19
Passport submitted at VAC(NYC) in person: 23rd Aug 19
Passport dispatched from VAC to IRCC: 24th Aug 19
Passport under process at IRCC: 26th Aug 19
Passport dispatched from IRCC to VAC: 28th Aug 19
Passport ready to pick-up from VAC: 29th Aug 19
Passport picked up from VAC in person: 29th Aug 19

It seems like most of the time spent was waiting for biometrics.
Thanks to all for this wonderful community.


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