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Raj- ()     01/07/2010 20:57 PM

Hi Guys,

Thanks to every one in this group for support h1 aspirants.

My interview was scheduled @10 AM on 6th, i reached embassy @ 9:40 AM completed
all the process with in 15 min and in the waiting room spent time around 30 min.
waiting room was very colorful on that day i was happy to spent some more time in the waiting room but my turn came to attend the interview.

i just faced 3 question only.

ME : Good Morning Sir,
VO: Good Morning.
VO: R u working in XXX company?
ME: yes i am working
VO: in which project r u going to work in US?
ME: explaining about project vo asked to stop in 1 min.
VO: is this internal project?
ME: yes..

he saw the documents ones again finally said golden words, your visa got approved ,
and have great day. i said thank you sir...

every thing went fine till now.

yesterday i went to VFS office to collect the Passport.
they said my passport yet to receive from embassy asked me to come tomm after talking with customer care.

if i track in the USCIS site i am getting the following message, i am just wandering why it is delaying, can any one pls suggest me why it is delayed to reach VFS office.

"Your passport has not been handed over to VFS. Kindly contact our regional call centres for further queries. "


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