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H1B expired and recapture, L1A and I 140
I also want to ask same question. My H1B was expired in 2014 and left with 2 months for recapture. Now i am on L1A with my current employer applying for I 140. can you please let me know if i can apply for H1B recapture by a new employer with an approved I 140 ?.

2019 new federal rule confirmed by DHS @ to recapture the unused H1B during any time.

Detailed explanation given by immigration expert @ to recapture the unused H1B during any time.
Recapture the unused H1B any time.
Standard code of federal regulations of H1B at 8 CFR 214.2(h)(13)(iii)(C) @
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After Drop Box, Called For Interview
I have Submitted my Documents for Drop box stamping on 12-JAN-2021. After 10 days i got a email on (21-JAN-2021) by asking for in-person interview with date and time for 11-Feb-2021. But, i did not get my passport or any other documents.

Even in email they did not mention any specific document. Does any one having this kind of experience. Please share with me.

Much Appreciate if any one response on this situation.
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Need H1B for 2021
Dears All

I want to files H1B please suggest the sponsors. Thanks
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Penmark Solutions way to Success
Great Company
Good Management
Best HR Team
They sponsored my H1B Visa
Always willing to help the employees in any aspect.
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H4 biometric
I have changed my address in UScIS WEBSITE. But I received biometeric mail to old address. My attorney sent me the biometric letter.thru email.

Can I go and attend the biometric at my old address and then call USCIS for address not updated? So that it won’t delay my EAD.
Please suggest?
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I-539N denied, I-290B requested
I have filled I-539N petition for my daughter (11yrs). USCIS received it on January 17, 2020. They received biometric fee on January 21, 2021. Since then case status did not change, and I did not receive any notification. Considering COVID-19 related delays, I was patiently keep waiting.

Today I have received a decision letter, dated January 8, 2021, stating that the petition for H4 has been denied. They stated that, "USCIS directed you to appear at an Application Support Center (ASC) on February 14, 2020 at 2:00 pm for the collection of required biometrics." However, I had never received any such notice.

My daughter's H-4 visa was expired on January 4, 2020. Does it amount to "Unlawful Presence" ?

Does anyone has similar experience? What is the way forward. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.
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H1B Petition expired
My I-797 was approved till Dec 2019. I appeared for interview in mid Dec 2019 and consulate provided me 221g form. As of now, below status is shown on USCIS site.
"We approved your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number <WACNumber>, and emailed you an approval notice. Please follow any instructions on the approval notice"
Due to pandemic and election nothing happened in 2020. What is the next process now ? Do I need to again start from step1 ?
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Penmark Solutions H1B
My Name is Sashank and I am with Penmark Solutions from last 2 years and it's a good experience for me .
 I was totally new to immigration domain but thanks to Penmark Solutions for guiding and showing me the right path.
Eventually i got my H1B visa.
I would like to convey for those aspirants who want to build knowledge and career in USA .
This organization is the best platform where you ll enhance your knowledge and get to see your career growth.
I would recommend this Organization for those who are looking for H1B sponsorship.
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H1B Renewal in Covid Times November and December 2020 - Dropbox, 221g, Interview, DS-5535
Why this post - When I received a DS-5535 for my H1B renewal, I read a lot of experiences/posts about it. Almost all (99%) of these experiences where so negative that they turned my thinking to be all-out negative. I imagined being stuck in admin processing for months without any updates, having to file writ of mandamus case, potentially losing my job etc etc. In my view, the strong bias towards negative experiences may have been because people who have positive/easier experiences with DS-5535 and/or other immigration issues are too relieved to post/share their experiences. I hope my experience can give someone else in a similar situation some hope or positivity or at-least prevent them from thinking all-out negative.

~ Long Post ~

My Case - 
Visa Category - H1B. Primary and only applicant. No H4 / dependents
H1B History - 4th H1B Stamping. Working in the US since 2012 as FTE for top American companies.
Stamping History - All H1Bs stamped at the New Delhi consulate. Last 2 stampings through dropbox had no hiccups and were stamped during the Trump administration. This post is for my 3rd time (4the stamping) dropbox experience.
Change of employer - Changed employer from fortune 10 Tech company to a  tech startup in May 2020. Both FTE positions.
President Proclamation - Exempted as I was in the US from Jan 2020 - November 2020.
Other relevant details - 
 -- Came to India on 11/04 to visit family.
 -- Clean record with no criminal history anywhere.
 -- Common Hindu male name.
 -- Travelled extensively for work and tourism (40+ countries) but never to any country restricted by the US 

My timeline - 

Date - 11/25/2020
Milestone - 9:30 AM Dropbox appointment. Submitted - Passport, I797 copy, Photo, Employment verification letter
CEAC Status - N/A
USTravelDocs Status - Changed to "Passport is with the consulate"

Date - 11/27/2020
CEAC Status - Changed to "Application Received". Case created date = 11/27/2020
USTravelDocs Status - "Passport is with the consulate"

Date - 11/28/2020 to 11/30/2020
CEAC Status - "Application Received". Case updated date = 11/27/2020
USTravelDocs Status - "Passport is with the consulate"

Date - 12/1/2020
CEAC Status - Changed to "Refused". Case updated date = 12/1/2020
USTravelDocs Status - "Passport is with the consulate"

Date - 12/2/2020
CEAC Status - "Refused". Case updated date = 12/1/2020
USTravelDocs Status - "Passport has been received from consulate and is being prepped for delivery"

Date - 12/3/2020
Milestone - Received unstamped passport and 221g via courier.White 221g asking to walk-in for an in-person interview on any business day before 10AM. No additional documents asked for. Please note that my 221g did NOT ask me to wait for the interview until after the consulate has resumed regular operations. Still, I emailed the consulate to confirm if I could just walk-in on any business day, and I received an immediate confirmation from them.
CEAC Status - "Refused". Case updated date = 12/1/2020
USTravelDocs Status - "Passport has been received from consulate and is being prepped for delivery"

Date - 12/4/2020
Milestone - Walk-in interview at the consulate and DS-5535
Went to the New Delhi consulate at 830 AM. Showed the 221g slip and a print of the consulate's reply to my email from 12/3 at the applicant desk outside the consulate. The lady at the desk called inside the consulate, confirmed some details and let me in. Carried ALL possible documentation for the interview even though I was not explicitly asked to bring any documentation. 
The Interview was short and odd. 
VO -  Handover Passport and I797
VO -  Do you have an emergency appointment letter?
Me - No. I am appearing for this interview per the 221g instructions. Handed over 221gV
O - Ok but explain why is your case so critical that you must go back to the US immediately?
Me - I am an mid-senior level FTE in a start-up and I work on mission critical projects such as xyz for my employer....blah blah.
VO - [expressionless] - But the president proclamation (PP) is in effect.
Me -  I am exempt from PP since I was in the US between 01/2020 and 11/2020. 
VO - Typed something on the computer. Took my documents and left the window (possibly to consult with another person). Returned 4-5 mins later. Handed my passport and docs back, and asked me to go to window#1 for further instructions.
Me - Is my visa approved?
VO - I cannot approve the visa at this time. We need some more information from you. Do not worry. Go to window#1 for further instructions.
Me - I took my passport and docs  to window #1 
Window#1 - Handed me a white form asking me to submit a DS-5535 form. Told me that I will receive an email from the consulate with the form that I need to fill. I will need to send the filled form back via email. 
Me - At the time I had NO clue what a DS-5535 is and how long it could take so I pleaded with the officer at window#1 to keep my passport at the consulate to avoid the hassle of coming back to the embassy again on short notice. 
Window#1 - Consulted with some colleagues and agreed to keep my passport and docs at the consulate. 
Me - Left the consulate. After I got home, I researched DS-5535. I freaked out reading the information I found online about how complex DS-5535 and how the administrative processing could take forever. Received the form via email (word doc attachment) from the consulate in the afternoon
CEAC Status - "Refused". Case updated date = 12/4/2020
USTravelDocs Status - "Passport has been picked up"

Date - 12/4/2020
Milestone - Filling the DS-5535. Filling this form can be very draining in itself. Among other things, the DS-5535 asks for -  
  - 15 year travel history with dates of travel, purpose of funding for travel etc - I have travelled extensively for work and tourism (40+ countries) but never to any country restricted by the US  - 15 address history
  - All email addresses and phone numbers used in the last 5 years 
  - All social media handles 
Took me 6+ hours to fill this monster. I provided the info as accurately and honestly as I could but I think I still missed a couple of things here and there (like phone#, email and social media handles)

CEAC Status - "Refused".  Case updated date = 12/4/2020
USTravelDocs Status - "Passport has been picked up"

Date - 12/5/2020
Milestone - Submitted the filled DS - 5535 via email. Received an email from the consulate confirming the receipt - looked like an auto-generated email.
CEAC Status - "Refused".  Case updated date = 12/4/2020
USTravelDocs Status - "Passport has been picked up"

Date - 12/6/2020 to 12/10/2020
CEAC Status - "Refused".  Case updated date = 12/5/2020
USTravelDocs Status - "Passport has been picked up"

Date - 12/11/2020
Milestone - Case updated date changed from 12/5/2020 to 12/11/2020
CEAC Status - "Refused". Case updated date = 12/11/2020
USTravelDocs Status - "Passport has been picked up"

Date - 12/14/2020
Milestone - Case status changed from "Refused" to "Administrative Processing". Case updated date changed to 12/14/2020
CEAC Status - "Administrative Processing". Case updated date = 12/14/2020
USTravelDocs Status - "Passport has been picked up"

Date - 12/15/2020
Milestone - Case updated date changed to 12/15/2020
CEAC Status - "Administrative Processing". Case updated date = 12/15/2020
USTravelDocs Status - "Passport has been picked up"

Date - 12/16/2020
Milestone - Case status changed from "Administrative Processing" to Issued. Case updated date changed to 12/16/2020
CEAC Status - "Issued". Case updated date = 12/16/2020
USTravelDocs Status - "Passport has been picked up"

Date - 12/21/2020
Milestone - Received the stamped passport back via courier. The stamp has two annotations - "Security clearance received 12/9/2020" and "Exempted from PP"
CEAC Status - "Issued". Case updated date = 12/16/2020
USTravelDocs Status - "Passport has been picked up"
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H1B visa stamped until Oct 2021 but got amendment approved until July 2021. Need to stamp again?
My friend have stamped visa until Oct 2021.. but recently his Relocation amendment got approved until July 2021. Please can anyone suggest if he travel to India whether he need to stamp again in India as he has amendment approved until Jul 2021 else he can travel back to US with his
current stamped visa.
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