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H1B, H4 Visa

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H-1b visa stamped from US Embassy - New Delhi
I got my H-1b visa stamped from US Embassy - New Delhi.

Background: I-797 approved in Feb 2020. Traveled to India in Feb 2020 for a family emergency and got stuck due to the US Embassy closure and then the proclamation. So booked my visa interview appointment on April 5th, 2021 after the proclamation expired.

Biometrics Experience:
Biometrics was on April 1st at 2 PM. I was in the queue by 1:30 PM. Social distancing is followed at the VFS global office. I was out by 2:30 PM. FYI: After my biometrics, I joined the 3 PM queue for my mother's B2 visa renewal dropbox appointment. Note: There are chairs to rest one level up, besides the stairs. Starbucks and another cafe serve expensive but limited snacks. Cell phones in switched off mode are allowed inside VFS Global office.

Interview Experience:
Appointment: April 5th, 2021, 9:30 AM.
Took the Metro to Lok Kalyan Marg, then a 5 mins autorickshaw ride for Rs. 60 to the Embassy.
Arrived and joined the queue at 8:45 AM. I did not carry my cell phone with me, however, there's a booth to safely deposit your cell phone, smartwatch, etc. After the security check, I was seated on benches inside following social distancing by 9:15 AM. Reached the interview window at around 9:45 AM. I noticed few H-1 candidates getting the pink slip requesting additional documents. I guess they were consultants working for a different client than their sponsor.

Me: Good Morning.
VO: Good Morning. Can I have your I-797 and Passport?
Me: Gave my I-797 and current passport. Then asked if she needs my old passport?
VO: Do you have any US visa in it?
Me: Yes.
VO: Which one? Is it the same class that you are here for?
Me: I have my previous expired H1, F1, and B1.
VO: I don't need it. Who is your sponsor?
Me: Answered my company's name.
VO: Is your previous H1 sponsor the same as the current one?
Me: No.
VO: What is your designation?
Me: I am a Sr. Product Manager.
VO: What is your product?
Me: Answered.
VO: Where did you go for your US Masters.
Me: Answered New York University.
VO: Was there any other name for the school?
Me: Answered.
VO: She kept my passport on her side with a pile of other 4/5 passports. I knew that my visa is approved. She kept on typing something for a while and then said that your visa is approved.
Me: Thank you. What is the ETA for the passport delivery?
VO: 4-5 days.
Me: Thank you.

Note: She didn't ask for any other documents.
I left the Embassy, took an autorickshaw for Rs.80 to catch the 10 AM metro from Lok Kalyan Marg.

Checked my VISA status on DS-160 / CEAC website:
5-Apr-2021 Status: Administrative Processing.
6-Apr-2021 Status: Issued.

Checked my Passport delivery status on the US travel docs website:
7-Apr-2021: Picked up and being delivered.
8-Apr-2021: Delivered.

Received my passport on 8th April with an H-1b visa stamped. Received my mother's passport on 9th April with B-2 visa stamped.
We plan to travel to the US in the 2nd week of May 2021.
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H1B / H4 Renewal 221g - Covid Situation
Many of you may be in a limbo with respect to 221g processing with the current covid situation. So I thought of sharing my experience.

03/17/2021 - My wife and I submitted our dropbox application at the Chennai drop off center.

03/19/2021 - Application status changed to "Refused" which caused concern. Later learnt that they are using the term "Refused" instead of "Administrative Processing" when issuing a 221g.

03/23/2021 - Passport was available for pickup at the drop box office. As expected a white 221g form was returned along with the passport. The 221g requested that my wife and I appear for an in person interview. It also said that we need to appear after the consulates have started normal operations, which concerned me since they were not oprating as normal.

Calling or reaching out to consulate offices was responded with a standard message that they are not certain when the consulates will open for normal operation and as to when they would be able to accommodate my 221g in person interview. Now I was even more concerned.

I contacted [email protected] requesting for an interview slot. I read multiple articles online that people were contacted in ~1-2weeks to schedule the in person interview. However, that was not consistent. Some were waiting for over 6months.

03/23/2021 - Got email stating that I can now login to my portal and schedule my interview. Earliest slot available was Apr 5th at 930am. I am not sure if this was triggered because of my email to support-india or if it was a co-incidence.

04/05/2021 - Went in for the interview (note: car keys with remote are is allowed into the consulate, so plan accordingly). The officer asked questions of whether me or my wife were out of status while studying in the US or if we had transferred universities while pursuing our masters. The answer was a "No" for us. She also got asked about where we met, and if we had kids and if they were US citizens. Our kid is a US citizen, so they did not ask for marriage certificate proof. She said "Visa is approved" and that we should get it in 5-10 business days.

04/08/2021 - Passport was available for pickup.

04/09/2021 - Picked up passport.
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Appointment date in chennai
Did anybody get the H1B appointment date in April-May 2021 in chennai under regular appointment ? what are all the other appointments available other than regular? I have been waiting for my H1B visa stamping(first time) since March 2020..

Also suggest me few tips to get the H1B visa stamping date in chennai quickly if possible
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Successor In Interest
Hi Everyone,

I have exact same case. My h1 approved with A. Merged to B. Payrolls are going to start with B. I am planning for stamping.

1- Which employer stamping do we get on passport A or B? Because I still have old i-797.
2 - Can we mention Employer B in ds - 160 ? I already scheduled an appointment and filed ds 160 as employer A and canceled it. I am thinking to change the ds-160. Would that be a risk?

Can someone please answer my query. I appreciate your time and response.

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Anyone has appointment between Apr26-30 in HYD?
I just want to check if anyone has in-person interview on APr26th week at Hyderabad. Wanted to check if the cancellations are still happening at HYD.
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Chennai Dropbox Appointment Processing Timeline

Did anyone attend the dropbox in Chennai in the last 2 weeks? If yes, did you hear back about the visa? Could you please post the timelines and the approximate number of days it took for you?

I dropped my documents on April 1 and see the status as Application Received. Not sure what the timelines were.

Thank you.
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Delhi Consulate H1 Stamping Dropbox interview

Has anyone recently visited the VAC office to drop off h1b stamping visa documents through dropbox appointment? Can you share your experience or what should be taken along with documents mentioned to successfully drop everything. Please share. I have appointment in 2 weeks and want to make sure i dont miss anything important during covid times.

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H1b Visa - Extension approved - Visa Annotation : “EXCEPTED FROM OR NOT SUBJECTED TO PP 10052”

I got my h1b extension visa stamped after 221g white slip. But under Annotation on visa, I see "EXCEPTED FROM OR NOT SUBJECTED TO PP 10052". What does this mean?

FYI... I was in US for the whole year 2020.

Planned to travel to us after two months from now. Is this something to worry?

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L1 to H-1B (not counted towards cap)
I came to the US on F1 visa. When working on F1 OPT, my H1B was picked in the lottery. I moved to my home country in August before H-1B was approved. I received my H-1B approval when I was in my home country. Meanwhile, I worked for the same company in my home country and I got married. Later I and my spouse moved to the US on L1 (me) and L2 (my spouse) visa.

My questions and concern:
Can I use my prior H-1B approval to join a different company now?
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My H1B - interview experience at Chennai - 2021-March
First of all thanks for the people behind this forum, it helped me a lot preparing for my interview.

Visa type: H1B - First time applicant.

Location : Chennai

Interview time : 11AM ; Reached at 9:45AM ; Allowed to join queue at 10:00 AM

Overall time: 15 mins in queue ; 20 mins waiting time in Hall ; Interview: 30 to 40 seconds


Me: Good morning sir..
Vo: Good morning

VO: Please pass me your passport
Me: here you go

He just checked the passport page by page and said... oh “Republica Argentina “ ------------ ( by seeing Argentina Visa stamping, btw I have multiple visa stampings for other countries in my passport including B1/B2)

Me: yes sir , I have travelled there

VO: Who is your end client
Me: *** *** ***

VO: Is it in Austin, Texas
Me : Yes it is in Texas

VO: how much salary you are going to get in US ?
Me : ********* USD per annum

What’s your education ?
Me: Bachelors degree in Information Technology
VO: Are you married ?
Me : No sir, I’m single

Your visa is approved !!!
This is for you ( he gave me approved slip, know your rights card)

Overall it took 30 to 40 seconds, I should consider myself as lucky that they didn't even ask for single paper (petition copy / client letter etc)
However keep all the necessary documents and be confident while answering.

All the best!
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