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Visa approved
After all the security screening, I was given a line to join. There were three people in front of me. The first guy was for an H1B interview. But he got rejected for some reasons. The second guy was also H1B and he was approved. The person in front of me was for a Tourist visa but was rejected. I called over to the counter.

VO: Please give me your Passport and I797.
Me: Provided those
VO: How long you have been working with this company?
Me: Over 3 years
VO: Give me your LCA
Me: Provided the doc
VO: What is your salary?
Me: Told the salary
VO: Have you been working in the US?
Me: Yes
VO: How long you have been working in the US?
Me: Over 13 years in total
VO: What is your work location?
Me: It's my home address.
VO: State your entire home address:
Me: Provided the info
VO: Is it a inhouse project or do you work for the client
Me: It's an inhouse project
VO: Your visa is approved
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H1B Refusal under 221(g) in 2018 -- Have approved I-140--Have Approved H1-B transfer 2024 -- Stamping Planned Jun/Jul 2024
Hello Friends,

I had an H1-B refusal under section 221(g) when I went for stamping at Chennai consulate in JAN 2018. Since then, I remained in India, found a job, spent time with family, friends, and have been having a good time.

In the last 6+ years, I did not bother to apply for H1 transfer or applied for fresh H1 under lottery.

I have my I-140 approved from SEP/OCT 2016 with a PD - 05-2014 (EB-3).

After so many years, I applied for H1-B transfer through a Des! consulting firm. My H1-B petition got approved. Now, I am planning to go for H1B stamping sometime soon. I have a few questions-
(1) How would the past refusal affect my current interview?
(2) What questions can I expect from VO with respect to having approved I-140 approved and an interest to go back to the US after such a long gap of 6+years?
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Upcomming H1B Visa Stamping in Toronto, Canada - TCN
This is my 2nd time H1B visa stamping and 1st time H1B visa Stamping in Canada. Previously I had H1B visa stamping in India. This time I am looking to book appointment in Toronto, Canada. I am going there on Tourist/Visitor Visa. Does anyone have latest experiences or anything to guide ?
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How long to receive passport
I'm sorry for posting in experience page. I promise I will post my experience once I finish my interview in Chennai.
Any of you know how long it is taking to get your passport back in Chennai assuming there are no hiccups/ 221g etc
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H1 B Dropbox stamping, passport will be with US embassy. No Indian photo ID card like aadhar, PAN, Drivers License, please suggets how to enter airport and fly to my home state without any Indian ID
Hi I am travelling to India next week after 12 years. Some relatives emergencies. I need to H1B visa stamping. My Indian passport is the only Indian photo ID proof I have. I don't have Adhar, PAN or any other Indian photo ID card. Since I don't have any Indian ID card except Indian passport which will stay with US embassy for h1b stamping how will I board the domestic airport/flight to go to my home state. Please help with ideas, experiences and help.
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H1/H4 drop box in Feb 2024
Taking almost 4 week for whole process. Timelines for reference
12 Feb: Dropped H1/H4 (total 4) in Chennai
27 Feb: Application Received
28 Feb: Again Application Receid
4 Mar: Application Received and then Approved in afternoon (3 approved and 1 Refused- kid turned 14 within the same month). Extemely stressful situation
6 Mar: Passport Ready for Pick up at Chennai
7 Mar: Picked up passports. The 14 year old was called for in person interview. Walkin anyday
8 Mar: Appeared for interview and they took just the fingerprints. Visa Approved. Relief
11 Mar: Issued

Waiting for passport pick up email. Hope the timelines will help
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Toronto - no further update after VISA interview
Hi, I had my interview on Jan 23, since then there is no further update. Anyone with similar experience ?
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H1B Processing time in Canada
I have been in USA 7 years , i140 approved but visa has expired 5 years ago. Im planning to visit Canada and apply for H1B visa from there in early 2024. Does anyone know the average processing time, which consulate is faster, any risks or things to remember before apply there, etc. I couldn't find a site which would shed some light on these questions. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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I797C is accepted for DropBox
Hi Everyone,

I have an appointment for H1,H4 Drop Box and i havenot received my I797A in mail. Can i go ahead and dropoff the documents with I797C (Courtesy copy). Please provide your suggestion if anybody has faced this situation.

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H1B stamping experience post a DUI(dismissed and expunged)
All, Sharing the timelines for of my DUI case and stamping:
1. Incident and State: DUI (Highest rate of Alc) ,PA
2. Month/Year of Arrest: Feb 2021
3. Disposition: Pre-trial diversion(no finding of guilt criminally) completion and expungement order(May 2023)

VISA dropbox date: September 07,2023, Mumbai Consulate

Status 1: Application Received from 11th September 2023 - 24th September 2023

Status 2: Refused with 221(g) asking for medical report on September 25th, 2023 -->Passport collected on September 29th 2023

Called up Rele Clinic the same day(Friday) but got an appointment on Tuesday October 3,2023, medical (blood + chest X-RAY + Psych evaluation) completed on Oct 3

Passport submitted on October 10,2023.

Status 3: Refused with 221(g), this time called for an interview anytime between 10:30-11:00 am on a working day as mentioned on the slip. Passport collected on october 16,2023

Interview completed on October 18,2023, the VO was co-ordial and to-the-point.

VO: I see you have a DUI incident
Me: Yes ma'am
VO: Do you have any court documents?
Me: Showed the court certified disposition and certified expungement order. The VO was typing something continuously on her screen. Also handed the FBI idHS check for her reference.(dont think this is required though)
VO: Have you had any other interaction with law enforcement other than this?
Me: No ma'am.
VO: Ok, which company do you work for, what is your position and is it a FT role.
Me: Mentioned the details
VO: Ill keep the court documents and I797 approval notice, your VISA is approved.
Me: Wished her a good day and left.

Status 4: Approved on October 18,2023 waiting to receive the passport with the stamped VISA hopefully soon.
Many have mentioned previously, please do not Drink and Drive, not worth the hassle and be honest about it in DS-160 and immigration purposes even if the case is expunged.
Expungement has limited value in terms of immigration. Honesty is the best policy
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