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Toronto - no further update after VISA interview
Hi, I had my interview on Jan 23, since then there is no further update. Anyone with similar experience ?
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H1B Processing time in Canada
I have been in USA 7 years , i140 approved but visa has expired 5 years ago. Im planning to visit Canada and apply for H1B visa from there in early 2024. Does anyone know the average processing time, which consulate is faster, any risks or things to remember before apply there, etc. I couldn't find a site which would shed some light on these questions. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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I797C is accepted for DropBox
Hi Everyone,

I have an appointment for H1,H4 Drop Box and i havenot received my I797A in mail. Can i go ahead and dropoff the documents with I797C (Courtesy copy). Please provide your suggestion if anybody has faced this situation.

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H1B stamping experience post a DUI(dismissed and expunged)
All, Sharing the timelines for of my DUI case and stamping:
1. Incident and State: DUI (Highest rate of Alc) ,PA
2. Month/Year of Arrest: Feb 2021
3. Disposition: Pre-trial diversion(no finding of guilt criminally) completion and expungement order(May 2023)

VISA dropbox date: September 07,2023, Mumbai Consulate

Status 1: Application Received from 11th September 2023 - 24th September 2023

Status 2: Refused with 221(g) asking for medical report on September 25th, 2023 -->Passport collected on September 29th 2023

Called up Rele Clinic the same day(Friday) but got an appointment on Tuesday October 3,2023, medical (blood + chest X-RAY + Psych evaluation) completed on Oct 3

Passport submitted on October 10,2023.

Status 3: Refused with 221(g), this time called for an interview anytime between 10:30-11:00 am on a working day as mentioned on the slip. Passport collected on october 16,2023

Interview completed on October 18,2023, the VO was co-ordial and to-the-point.

VO: I see you have a DUI incident
Me: Yes ma'am
VO: Do you have any court documents?
Me: Showed the court certified disposition and certified expungement order. The VO was typing something continuously on her screen. Also handed the FBI idHS check for her reference.(dont think this is required though)
VO: Have you had any other interaction with law enforcement other than this?
Me: No ma'am.
VO: Ok, which company do you work for, what is your position and is it a FT role.
Me: Mentioned the details
VO: Ill keep the court documents and I797 approval notice, your VISA is approved.
Me: Wished her a good day and left.

Status 4: Approved on October 18,2023 waiting to receive the passport with the stamped VISA hopefully soon.
Many have mentioned previously, please do not Drink and Drive, not worth the hassle and be honest about it in DS-160 and immigration purposes even if the case is expunged.
Expungement has limited value in terms of immigration. Honesty is the best policy
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H1B Stamping in Calagry
I am a Canadian PR who is currently working with a Canadian employer. Up till end of 2022, I was working with a US employer on an H1B visa. I got a new job with another US employer who filed an H1B transfer in Consular processing. This is my timeline:
1. Got a visa appointment for October 6 at Calgary Consulate
2. Interview lasted around a minute and they asked me if it was my first H1B, how long have I been in the US, and my US masters degree. They said my photo was not up to mark and asked me to get a new photo and submit it by 3 PM.
3. I got a new US visa photo and submitted it to the consulate.
4. Later in the day, my visa status changed to 'Approved'

I am now waiting for the next update on when the visa is issued and dispatched. Will keep everyone updated.
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Filing H4 and H4 EAD together with an extended change of status date
I'm currently on an F1 OPT STEM extension that expires in Feb 2025. My approved H1B, obtained via consular processing, will be revoked due to layoffs in mid-November. I then have a 120-day grace period to secure another job or leave the US. My husband's employer is willing to apply for my H4 and H4 EAD.

I have questions for three different scenarios:

Scenario 1: I'm curious to know if I find a new job within this grace period, would I need to go through the H1B lottery process again if the new employer is willing to sponsor my H1B?

Scenario 2: If the new employer isn't willing, my plan is to switch to H4 EAD. I understand H4 is typically approved first, followed by H4 EAD a few months later. If I apply for H4 and H4 EAD together with a change of status effective six months from November (around April 10th), does that mean my visa changes from F1 to H4 on April 10th, and my EAD also starts the same day? Or will there be a delay in receiving the EAD, leaving me stuck on H4?

Scenario 3: Lastly, if I don't secure a job within the F1 grace period ending mid-March and the change of status to H4 is effective from April 10th, what would be my visa status in the interval from mid-March to April 10th?

Really appreciate if someone could help me with answers to these queries!
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H1B Refiling
I am in 7th year in the USA with L1-A ( valid till Feb'2024 ) and my H1B was selected in this year's (2023) second-round lottery. My company filed H1B petition with "Change of Status" (L1-A to H1B). Now USCIS has denied the petition because I have already crossed 6 years.
I have approved I-140 (EB3) and the priority date is 03-21-2021.
What are the options to retain the selected lottery? I don't want to go for another round of lottery next year.
Can I file a fresh/refile petition with "Consulate" instead of "Change of Status"? And I can go back to my home country next year to get the stamp.
Do we need a new LCA if we want to refile?
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H1 B 221 g white slip(no update > 9 months)
I had my H1B visa interview in Chennai on December 9, 2022, for Consular processing. During the interview, the consular officer asked me about my employer, job details, and work location. After the interview, I was issued a white slip, and the officer mentioned that they would need some additional processing time.

Here's the catch: I haven't received any further communication or updates on my visa status for over 9 months, despite multiple follow-ups with both my employer and myself. No additional documents were requested during this period.

A bit of background: I previously utilized Day 1 CPT and returned to India. I was working on F1 OPT and CPT from 2017 to 2019.

I'm feeling a bit uncertain about the situation and would appreciate any insights or advice from anyone who has been through a similar experience or has knowledge about the next steps I should consider.
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221 G passport retained
I had my visa interview in chennai counsulate. Interview went fine asked for my Company details, salary and 797 copy. VO had a question on after the last stamped date which ended in 2020 why there is a gap. I mentioned I was in US and had an approval from 2020 to 2023 and since job changed another approval from new company in 2022 which is the latest one. VO typed in something and said there needs to be an update in the system and gave me 221g and kept the passport. When I asked if it is approved VO mentioned it is in Administrative processing and would take 2 days to update and should get the passport in week and a half and doesnot see any issue in the approval.

Since it is 221g just worried, anyone had similar experience
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Can I travel to India while on DUI probation?
Last month I was arrested for DUI and charges got dropped to OWVI(Operating While Visibly Impaired) , I'm on probation for 1 Year till june 2024, I paid my fines and done with community services and giving ETG drug tests every week. I got permission from court for the travel (4 weeks for my wedding). I'm on H1B work visa. will there be any problem while coming back with CPB offices at the time of re-entering in to US?

Thanks in advance!
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