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Visa issued with a note

My h1b visa got issued today. When I check the status on ceac website it reads as following
"The consular section has completed processing your application and your visa has been issued. If you do not receive your passport and visa within 10 working days, please contact the embassy or consulate where you submitted your application. If at any time additional information is discovered that indicates you may no longer be eligible for a visa, the U.S. government may revoke your visa. See Section 221(i) of the Immigration and Nationality Act". Do people get this kind of note often? What are the additional checks after visa is issued?

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Question regarding H1b drop box
Hi All, Below is the situation.

Current h1b visa stamp valid until Aug 15th 2023.

New i 797 extension approval valid from - aug 16th 2023 to 2026

I have travel plan to India in month of May 2023 and was able to schedule drop box appointment for May 4th 2023

A) As my new i797 approval notice is valid from Aug 16th 2023 and if i go for stamping now, will i be able to enter us before Aug 16th 2023 or should i wait until Aug 16th to enter us?
B) if it dont go for stamping and decide to enter us on existing visa stamp which is valid until Aug 15th 2023, will it be okay and will cbp officer extend my I94 based on new i797 valid dates?

Any suggestion would be very helpful
Thank you!
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H1b approved with new employer but i94 not updated
I recently got H1b approved with a new employer, went to get my DL, and they mentioned my I94 is set to expire soon. But I have received I94 with my H1b approval and is valid for another 2 years. where did the DMV people check this record?. Because online tool only shows my latest entry which doesn't match the date they told me.

Anyone else faced this issue?
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India Travel while DUI is pending
Hello everyone,

I had an accident, with no injuries, and no other car involved and received a DUI a week ago. I blew BAC 0.11 and failed 3 sobriety tests. This is my first offense and has a clean driving record with only one speeding ticket in 2022. I hired DUI attorney and got a trial date in July. Meanwhile, I need to travel to India in April for a family emergency. My H1B has been revoked automatically after arrest. I have only the arrest document and BAC copy from cop, and court date document for travel right now. Is that okay for travel? Also not sure how to inform my employer regarding DUI as I need a client letter, LCA, and any supporting documents for visa stamping in India.

1. Please let me know how to deal with DUI with an accident at visa stamping and port of entry?
2. Do I need to take any additional documents apart from above-mentioned documents ?

I am really stressed out with my current situation and *** scared about future consequences. Please also let me know if I am missing anything from above and also need to take care of anything else. Appreciate your help and time.

Thank you
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Incorrect H1B Visa stamping - Hyderabad Consulate
I received my passport with incorrect H1B visa stamping (stamping done at Hyderabad consulate) - the Employer name, P# and PED printed on my stamped page is that of my husband's and not mine. I raised a case with [email protected] on March 9th, and I haven't received any response on the next steps yet.

Our (my and my husband's) drop box appointment was on Feb 21st, I received incorrectly stamped passport on Mar 9th, my husband has not received his passport yet (status shows visa approved though), and we do not have the next steps or ETA yet. We fly back on Mar 18th (which doesn't look like will happen now) due to this delay. My son (9 year old; US citizen) will miss his school, my husband and I will be unable to start our work as planned, not to mention the flight ticket cost due to cancel/reschedule.

Called the support number (022 62011000) for status update on the case and the only response we are getting is that the case has been escalated to the relevant department and we need to wait for them to revert with next steps.

This has been extremely frustrating and we still do not know our tentative travel back date.

Does anyone know an escalation route that can get this expedited, or a Consulate contact so that we are able to connect to the Consulate directly. If you have been in a similar situation, how long did the resolution take for you?

Many thanks,
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EB and EB3 Visa Sponsor
I am having tough time finding sources on the internet for EB2 and EB3 Job offers or lisitings. appreicate help. Thanks,.
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Snowstack LLC fraud company
Snowstack LLC based in charlotte, kansas, texas don't join this company, the management are fraudsters, womanizers and a bunch of money hungry leeches, they are encouraging people for *** government documents for their selfish reasons and will let go you and say that you are responsible for it if you get caught. Everything they say are bunch of lies.
Please never join and share this info
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H4 experience in Delhi
At Dropbox metro location(shivaji stadium) there is a long line outside, because it’s not just center for US visa but for a lot of other countries too.
Women are not subject to line, they can just get into front and get in (which was nice for me). The guards are very respectful and do a good job managing the line. My male readers be a bit patient, it will take you 30 minutes to get in and go in through security. For female it takes around 10 minutes. (Bring sunglasses and water, can be very hot outside)
Get to US Dropbox counter 15-20 minutes prior else they will ask you to leave and come back when it’s time. If you get there early, try some restraunts upstairs, there is also a waiting area.

The people at Dropbox are generally very helpful and through. Lastly read the document requirements very clearly and make sure your photos are as per specification.

Feb 1 - dropped documents
Feb 8 - passport ready for pickup

Small comment from my husband -
If you are coming from US after a long time (specially male) the line can be a bit overwhelming, but don’t worry it’s part of experience, it will be much easier if you talk to people around you, he met few people and ended up hanging out with them later, May be you will make few friends.

Hope this was helpful.
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POE experience/question

I have a valid H1B visa (stamped from Toronto in March 2022) which I used to re-enter after approval and again in May 2022 after a trip to India. In November, I re-entered on the same visa (with the same job/salary/etc) after a trip to Portugal but this time, the immigration officer asked to see recent paystubs after asking me what I did. This is the very first time I've been asked for paystubs when re-entering the country in the ~8 years I've traveled on H1B visas. After showing him my paystubs, he waved me in and my I-94 corresponds to the date of my visa validity.

My question is this: I'm traveling again in April to Germany--does this experience mean something was flagged or was it just a random event/due diligence?

Any advice would be helpful.
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H4 dropbox in Toronto , Timeline
Hello all,

I applied for my H4 visa from Toronto consulate, I am holding a Canadian PR and my spouse in on his H1B.
6th Feb : Mailed Documents

7th Feb : Received by the consulate , Showed "No Status on tracking DS-160"

25th Feb: Status changed to "Application Received"

28th Feb: Status - Refused (Missed out on sending my husbands appointment confirmation)

3rd March- Received an email from consulate to send the appointment confirmation for primary applicant's visa , Sent on same day (via email)

3rd March - Status- Approved

7th March - Issued

Thank you
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