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H1 to H4 & H4EAD conversion
Need Help to understand :
1)During H1B visa transfer of jobs, If I get RFE (after 60days of my previous job termination), Can I still file H4 & H4EAD COS ?
2)Can I file for H4 & H4EAD COS, and also look for H1B visa transfer jobs (during my 60 days grace period)and once I get H1B approved (premium) can I withdraw my H4 petition?

Background of my situation:
Currently, I am on a H1B work visa (Valid I-94 till Aug 21 2021), Last day of my employment July 31st 2020 (1st day of 60 days timeline starts Aug 1st 2020).My Spouse H1B visa&I-94 is valid till Dec 2021 & I-140 approved in 2016, also my I-140 approved in 2016.
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Reckless Driving charge in Virginia( Misdemeanor)
Hi Friends,

I was convicted for reckless driving in Virginia which is Class 1 misdemeanor offense. At present I am in F1 visa status. Will there will be any Visa issues. Will there be problem during H1b stamping. Could someone please tell me the consequences.

Thanks in Advance
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H1B visa question
Hi Friends,

I am doing my second masters in MBA and on CPT I was working too. In the third semester my H1 got picked and approved also I have done with the stamping process. And now I have still three courses to complete and I am planning to drop from the MBA program. So will that be a problem for me in future H1 extension, dropbox process and as well as GC process..?
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I94 expires for H4
I have travelled to India in sep 2017 while my H4 extension was pending and went to stamping in India .
My H4 visa stamping is done as per my previous validity Dec 2017. While I was in India H4 extension approved with new end date and new i94. (Dec 2020)
I came back to USA in Nov 2017 and got i94 until Dec 2017 as per previous H4 validity.

Concern here is : now we observed that my online i94 shows as 01/10/2018 which is almost 2.5 years.

We are scared that, is my stay in USA considered illegal ?

PS: I have my driver’s license renewed and also working in USA (H4 EAD)with out any issues
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H1 B VISA Extension Denied. (Later Approved without consular process- I-94 printed on I-797)
My H1B Extension was denied on Mar-23-2020 (I dont know the reason).
Note: I was approved a transfer for the same Employer & Client just last year Sep-2019.

My Attorney filed for a [H1B Extension + Nunc Pro Tunc] on Apr-03-2020.
'Nunc Pro Tunc' was basically to legalize my stay for the duration since I had my previous I-94 expired (Jan-10-2020).
Initially USCIS rejected with the reason that the dates did not match the requirement. But we reapplied with a cover letter explaining the reason for the dates selected for filing.
Reapplied - May-03-2020
On June-12-2020 we upgraded my case to Premium Processing.
I got an approval via email on June-17-2020.
The email had my previous I-94 & 'Consulate Notified' as blank. (this gave me lot of confidence)
& Finally on June-27-2020 I got my I-797 with I-94 printed at the bottom - confirming that I dont need to travel out of the country.

Please let me know if any further information is required from my end.
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I-94 from USCIS expired, but I-797 is still valid
I filed a H1 extension in 2019 december in premium processing &
my extension/visa was approved from 01/01/2020 to 12/31/2020
but my I-94 was issued only from 01/01/2020 to 01/10/2020
I looked at the end date of the visa & overlooked the end date of I-94 and didn’t notice it.

When I went for my Driver's licence renewal yesterday(June 16th,2020), the employee pointed out that my I-94 expired in January.

My original passport expiry date was January 19th 2020 and my new passport was in processing when I filed my extension. This may be the reason for my shortened I-94.

I brought it to my employer's notice immediately on June 16th & he filed for a typographical correction form with USCIS on June 17th 2020.

I’m really worried now as I'm considered out of status now and will reach 180 days with out of status on July 8th 2020. I want to know my options if the correction form submitted by my employer gets rejected. Please advise if anyone faced this issue. I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,
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H1b Stamping No reply since 4 months

I went for H1b Stamping on Feb 25th and Got 221g Blue slip was asked to submit my petition and Client Letter.

I submitted all documents next day but till today I haven't heard back anything from the embassy. When i check my case/Ds160 application number the status remains as refused.

There hasn't been any update on the status since the day i went for the interview.

On top of this my contract ended with the client and i'm no longer working.

Can someone please suggest what should be done in a situation like this?
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Utemp and H1b working for LLC
Can anyone please share thoughts ; an option for a researcher currently in H1b.

Secondly, can I work for an LLC using academic h1b with no salary limit?

Thanks you in advance!
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Two I-129 extension at the same time based on the same I-140

My employer is currently working on I-140 for me and my 6-year H1B ends this Dec.
If I-140 is approved, the next step would be getting me an H1B extension with I-129 based on the approved I-140. However, I'm afraid that my employer will not do PP for h1b extension. In that case, it will take months for I-129 to be approved by USCIS, even more than 180 days since I-140 approval.
I'm wondering when the I-129 with my current employer is pending at USCIS, may I still apply to H1B transfer to a new employer based on the approved I-140?
My concern is that
1. at some time, there would be two pending petition at USCIS based on my appoved I-140, will this be problem?
2. If the H1B transfer to a new employer is approved, i will go and work for the new employer. If later on the I-129 extension with current employer is also approved, will this be an issue?
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H4visa extension
I have a question. I was charged with MisdemeanorA stealing in October 2019. Pleaded guilty. Was given Suspended Imposition of Sentence. 2 years probation and community service. My H4 visa is on extension. How will this affect my extension and will this also affect my husband’s H1b? Please help. Thanks
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