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DropBox Chennai
Hi - I have H1b with the same employer expired last month.

I am planning to go to India next month. Can i go for drop box for visa stamping in Chennai ? Is Chennai drop box open ? Do i have to qualify on the special exceptions ? Anyone recently did H1B dropbox in chennai ?
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H1B Emergency Request - New Delhi Embassy
Hi - I made an emergency appointment request for h1b stamping on 7th October. Did anyone received a reply yet? How much is the waiting? Any information or experience would help please?
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H1B RFE for working at client location and not at Employer location
Hi Folks,

Need one urgent help. Any one come across RFE for working at client location and not at Employer location?
USCIS asking justification why applicant needs to work at client location not at employer location for E-V-C model.
What documents we could submit in this case to justify working at client location?
Also is there any template to explain USCIS about the same in detailed project duties /employment verification letter?
Appreciate your help here.
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Query on H4B stamping

  I got my approved H1B petition last month but for dependents (H4B) is still under process with a lead time of 4-6 months. If I travel to India with family in coming days, what would be the chances for Stamping
> Drop-off Option is still valid?
> Dependents (H4B) can also get a passport stamp based on my (H1B) approved petition?

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Traveling to India for a Wedding with H1B

My family would like to travel to India. My wife is on H1B visa, however it seems H1B visa stamping may not available for nonemergencies. Is this correct? Does this mean my wife would not be able to return to work in the US until stamping is available for nonemergencies? When will this policy change?
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H1b Extension - Accepted after new Wage Level changes
Hello all

H1b extension accepted with Nebraska service center on 08-Oct-2019 (post new wage level implementation)
Status: Approved in premium
I work via a consulting company. Not directly employed with the client.

Wage level 3 - Was less than new minimum wage level posted by USCIS in DOL site.

Petition is approved for 3 years so i'm thinking the rules dont apply if the LCA was procured prior to 06-Oct.
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H1B Expedited Visa Appointment
Did anybody recieve appointment confirmation for H1B Expedited Visa cataegory? I have applied on 11Sep2020 but still waiting for getting appointment confirmation.

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H1 b Stamping in India
Hi, My husband travelled to India in Feb 2020 for family emergency. His H1 b visa stamping date was 23 March but it got canceled due to Covid situation. Now he is stuck in India but he is trying for emergency Visa. He applied for emergency Visa in August 20 and the site shows that the case is still in review state.
Please let me know if anyone got emergency Visa Stamping recently.
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H4 visa for 2 yr old kid, US embassy taking long
I submitted docs for my son ( he is 2 only).
Documents Submitted on 6th Oct via dropbox
Till 15th Oct today its showing Administrative processing with no reason mentioned.
Call center guy says just wait.
Is it like taking normally so long these days for h4 for kids?
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H1B Visa Question
I am in US on H1B work visa from 2010 (Have EB2 I140 with priority date June 2015, have total 15 years IT exp) and was recently laid off from a full time IT job from a bank on 15-Sep-2020 due to COVID19 mass layoff.
In the termination letter they mentioned I will be in an inactive status for 1 month but I will be getting paid under their payroll until 16-Oct-2020. My last date is 16-Oct-2020 with the bank.
In the 1-month grace notice time I should find another job otherwise I need to leave US on or before 14-Nov-2020 (60 days period).
Fortunately, I got a consulting Job Offer on 05-Oct-2020 via a contracting Software Company and I will be working remotely from my home and after 6 months I will work in client office which is another Bank.

My new employer filled LCA on 06-Oct-2020 (Level 4 wage in Tampa Florida). The salary offered to me was more than the prevailing wage of level 4 wage as of 06-Oct-2020.
However, once the new rule on 08-Oct-2020 came into effect I see the level 4 wage for Computer systems Analyst in Tampa Florida is 187K per annum which is way beyond my salary offered.

In this situation I would like to know the following: -

1) Since my LCA was filled on 06-Oct-2020 and is in process so should I be falling into the old wage structure or I am in new wage rule and is at risk of not getting my LCA certified?
2) On the new H1B filing if my new employer files in normal process and my H1B takes 3-4 months to get to decision stage will I be eligible to get 3 years of extension considering the fact that the H1b was acknowledged before the few USCIS rule came into effect?
Or I will get only 1 year as I am not direct employee of the bank and work at client location and as per the new rule, I will get only 1 year.
3) Is premium processing a better option in my case? My employer is suggesting to go with normal processing and then upgrade to premium after 1 month.
4) Lastly why my old employer is asking me to leave US by 14-Nov-2020 I was thinking it should be 15-Dec-2020 as I will be in their payroll until 16-Oct-2020.Does USCIS not consider the pay stub or it will look into my inactive status period?
Please let me know the above questions.
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