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H4 Visa - How to proceed

I have attended for H1b along with family in Mumbai on July 6th and got 221g asking for NIE. I have again applied for New Delhi on Sep 17th this time alone and got my visa approved and stamped. Could anyone kindly help how to proceed for my dependent visa? Should I apply fresh or should I send my approval email from Delhi to Mumbai to process their visa as their cases are already with Mumbai on 221g and I did not withdraw them yet. Just thinking will it be a risk if I send my my approval email to Mumbai consulate?

Any suggestion on this is much appreciated. Thanks so much in advance!
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H4 dependent visa question
My wife attended her H4 visa interview on September 13th, 2021. She carried my new company approved I797 petition along with my visa stamp which is still valid for another two years but it has my old employer name. She got 221g informing her additional review regarding my employment is required. Today she got the email saying that my I797 petition submitted is revoked during her interview time. I moved to new company in April and I got the I797 transfer approval notice in May. My wife submitted the same approved I797 petition at the time of interview.
When I checked in uscis with my new I797 receipt number I see it changed from Approved to "correspondence was received and uscis is reviewing it after approval". This is very surprising to me because I already got my approval package but then it changed to above status. Did anyone experienced this situation ? Also currently I'm in India for my wedding(came in August), will it impact my return to US ?
Any replies are greatly appreciated.

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First of all Im not getting appointment dates in Hyderabad. Its for my H1 which got approved a week ago. IM reading various posts that even for stamping we need to show NIE approval. I had plans of spending a fortnight in some other country before travelling to US. But if NIE approval is a mandate for VISA stamping itself, Im stuck.Can anyone share the experiences recently if NIE approval is a must for stamping or not?
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H1b employer changed ,however H4 still on old employer ,what to use for petitioner in visa appointment
My H4 got approved recently ,however my husband had his employer changed before that and hence his petitioner changed . Since my h4 is still valid for hos old h1 , who will be my petitioner in this case ? will it be the old company ?
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H1B renewal Appointment dates in Mumbai location
Can someone please tell me when is the latest appointment available for mumbai location in dec 2021 or Jan 2022 ? I tried the site but it asks for payment before even showing the available appointment slots. Thanks !
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H4 chennai dropbox
Hello Team,
Did anyone dropped H4 documents in chennai consulate ??
If yes how many days it is taking time to get the passport issues for H4

Please share your experiences it will be helpful .
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H1B Petition got approved FY22 - Got 2 questions
Hello All,

My petition got approved on 21st July'21, I am yet to initiate my stamping process. Can someone help me clarifying below questions.

1) As I don't work for a specific client rather work for multiple client as a consultant, my parent company applied my H1 B petition against my companies US entity. Do I have to have a specific client invite letter, is it a must?

2) My second question: My wife works for a Govt. Undertaken organization (PSU) / Govt. organization. She is going to take 2 years sabbatical leave and join me in US, do we have to carry a specific documents proving that she is working for an Indian Govt. Org. and she has an approval to travel to US?

Thanks in advance.
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Unable to see service request in H1B case status
Hi All,

An RFE is issued on my H1B Change of Status case. My attorney raised a service request as RFE notice is not received. It has been 10 days since service request is raised. In the past, USCIS site used to show Service request details in the original case but now I don't see the service request details in my H1B case.

Has anyone faced similar situation?

Could you please suggest where else can I check the service request status?

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Wrong Date of birth for mother 5 years back in DS 160 - After approval

I came to the US on F1 via 5 years back and have realized that I had filled in my mothers' date of birth wrong. my visa got approved with no issues at point in time. I am going for my H4 visa interview soon and wanted to know if i should fill her passport DOB now? (She did not have a passport back then).
Plus will this be a big issue? What should I tell the VO when asked? Will it be considered misrepresentation of facts?
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Hi Evryone!

How is going on today?

Do you have any experience with Postdoctoral visa J1 or other issues for this type of entry to US?
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