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brankili     09/17/2019 19:33 PM

Hi all,

I just wanted to run this by you all, since this forum is helping me stay grounded. Thank you for that.

When I submitted my application with my spouse our lawyer told us not to send any bonafide evidence other than photos and that it should all be taken to the interview. The lawyer is our close friend (so not officially representing us, just giving advice) and I don't think she ever had a case that didn't get approved. So that's interesting, compared to a lot of you who sent it all along.

Anyway, here's what we plan on bringing to the interview:

1. Car insurance (my spouse is on my insurance, I'm not on theirs though. I just never need to use their car)
2. Joint checking account (don't really use it that much, my spouse is a business owner, so needs their finances to be independent)
3. Utility and internet bills
4. Phone plan
5. Letter from the landlord stating we live together
6. Emergency contact form from my employer
7. Random mail to prove our address
8. 3 Letters from friends
9. Photos
10. Joint taxes (once we do them for 2019/2020)
11. Costco cards
12. Birthday cards we gave each other

Neither of us has 401k or retirement plan. My spouse has health insurance as a self employed person, but adding me onto it will make it way too expensive. We can get more letters from friends, but I don't know if that's necessary, we have pictures with a bunch of different people (both our families live abroad, so we haven't had a chance to all meet in person, just over Skype).

We've been together for just over a year and married for 5 months, so we don't have a whole lot more. We're not in a financial situation to afford traveling right now, so no plane tickets and such.

What do you all think? Any words of wisdom? Thanks in advance!

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ziggy     09/17/2019 20:30 PM

I would add copy of drivers licenses if you live together to show same address, void check of joint account and any other items showing both of you guys like invitations to friends weddings etc .. the more proofs the better. But it looks like you have enough for a young couple with just 5 months of marriage. Good luck


Maria22     09/17/2019 21:56 PM

Did you make copies of the birthday cards or are you bringing just the originals?


ORDGUA     09/17/2019 23:56 PM

Include your medical records to avoid delays.


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