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Adjustment of Status - I-485

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Derivative applicant for I485
My husband just received the receipt number for I485 today, and his check was cashed out. However, my case does not show up on the system, and check is not cashed out. Is this situation indicate a rejection of my I485? If I do not receive I485 receipt for more than a month, does this also indicate a rejection?
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Expediting EAD
Question. After biometrics are taken, is there a certain waiting time before you are allowed to ask for your EAD to be expedited? I have sufficient evidence to prove financial loss but I don’t know how soon I can do it.
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Green card deliver Hartford ct
Hello everyone
How long take to get a green card in mail after case aprove
July 29-2020 new card is being produced
July 31-2020 case was aprove
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Philadelphia filer interview rescheduled
Hi guys,

My case status online just changed to interview rescheduled. My original pre-Covid interview date was March 26th. Other details are in my previous posts. Will update with date of interview here as soon as I receive the mail copy.
Hang in there. Things are moving though excruciatingly slow.
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Adjustment through Marriage to a USC
Hey guys,
On Monday I received an online update that my Interview is ready to be schedule. How long after this update usually takes to received an interview notice??
PD June 25, 2019.
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Washington DC field office?
Does anybody know if the interviews are being scheduled after the Washington DC field office was reopened?
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NJ & NY interviews 14 months out?
Would it be accurate to say all NY/NJ interviews are scheduled 14 months after PD? Anyone out there waiting longer or getting scheduled sooner?
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Santa Ana, CA Interview
Hello everyone,
I had my interview yesterday in Santa Ana, Ca.
Everything went well. I’ve been married to my husband for more than 4 years now and we have a child together.
I got to the building 15 minutes prior to my interview, by the time we were done with checking in, it was about my interview time, then we went to a waiting area and I didn’t really stay there for a long time (5-7 minutes of wait in the waiting room). I went to my interview with my husband, our child and our lawyer. The IO came out and invited myself and our lawyer back in his office, my husband and kid stayed in the waiting area. The interview itself was very short and easy. I was only asked questions about myself, name, DOB, address, if I am adjusting based on marriage, name of my kid and date of my wedding. Then the IO asked me yes/no questions, but he was going very fast through them and grouping them together, so it wasn’t intimidating at all. The IO was like a friendly doctor, he was asking questions, taking some notes, keeping social conversation and making jokes. I didn’t feel that he wanted me to fail. My interview was very short, 30 minutes max. The IO didn’t look at any of the supporting documents, he didn’t ask me the name of my husband or anything about our wedding day and/or married life. I asked him if he needs to look at my pictures, he said ok. Looked quickly thorough them. Then he told me that I will receive my green card in 30 days and printed me white paper. By the time I was out of parking garage, my online status changed to “new card is being produced”.
My pd is July 2019, original interview was supposed to be in March 2020, then on August 4 I got a phone call saying that they scheduled my interview for August 11.
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When USCIS will cash the check and provide receipt numbers for derivative applicant (NIW based I485)?
We send our adjustment of status application packet on July 17, 2020. On August 02, 2020, I received the email confirmation with receipt numbers. However, USCIS has not cashed the check for my wife (derivative applicant) yet. I use my bank account for her since she does not have a bank account. Unfortunately, USCIS does not send me or her anything related to her application. Should we be worried about it?
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Renewing EAD while Pending asylum and pending adjustment 485 thought marriage to USC
Hi all. I really need your help. I have active pending asulym and with that i got EAD. I also married USC recently and now my EAD is expiring. How should i file for the renewal? Under which category? Please help
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