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Adjustment of Status - I-485

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Interview completed - Seattle field office
If you are a Seattle marriage based I485 applicant, don't lose hope. My priority date is April 2020. I had my interview today and my green card was approved. Big thanks to this community for sharing their experiences.
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Sigh!!!! Long wait… Brooklyn filer
Hi peeps!! Any Brooklyn filer in the group who did interview early may 2021 and haven’t reviewed any decision, case still showing interview scheduled, did service request only hearing case in in waiting time… frustrated much . Any information will help. Thanks in advance
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EB1-C AOS / I-485 Experience 2021
Here is my case timeline

18 Nov 2020: I-140 Filed

17 Feb 2021: I-140 Receipt received. Receipt Number SRC*****.

14 Apr 2021: I-140 Approved

9 July 2021: Filed AOS, EAD and AP

18 July 2021: Received receipts by mail. Receipt Numbers received with MSC*****

31 July 2021: Received Biometrics Appointment for 8/23

23 Aug 2021: Attended biometrics

25 Sep 2021: I-485, I-765 Status changed to "Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken". No update to I-765 and I-131 after this.

02 Nov 2021: i485J - Receipt Notice Fee Waived notice received by mail

04 Dec 2021: I-485 Status changed to “Request for Initial Evidence Was Sent”

20 Dec 2021: Received I-485 RFE for I-693 medicals by mail

21 Dec 2021: Sent RFE response via USPS Express Priority mail

23 Dec 2021: USPS Delivered RFE response to PO Box

29 Dec 2021: I-485 Status changed to "Response To USCIS' Request For Evidence Was Received"

30 Dec 2021: I-485 Status changed to "Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken"

30 Dec 2021: I-485 Status changed to "New Card Is Being Produced"

03 Jan 2022: I-485 Status changed to "Case Was Approved"

05 Jan 2022: I-485 Status changed to "Card Was Mailed To Me"

06 Jan 2022: I-485 Status changed to "Card Was Picked Up By The United States Postal Service"

11 Jan 2022: Received the card in mail!

Thank you all for the valuable information provided through this site.
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I130 approved but I485 pending
I485 pending approval whereas I130 was approved 9months ago. No RFE. Please what do you think is going on?
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Case is 4years old
Hi, I need an advice, the case was files in 2017, and interview took place in mid 2019, No rfe , no response since interview.

More than 8 inquires by congressman and more than 4 ombudsman requests. It all came back with background check delay.

Is filing Mandamus wise at this stage?
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Marriage Issue
Hi Everyone, I don't know where to start from but I'm in a terrible situation at the moment. Long story short, on Dec 22nd my wife came back home from work with a pregnancy report and she categorically told me that I'm not the father of the baby. I thought she was joking or something, then I did some calculation based on the result and she might be right. Alot of events have happened between Dec 22nd and now but at this moment, I totally devastated, traumatized as we have been married since 2018. I became a stranger in my own house and to make it worse, I haven't gotten my Green Card. We have gone for interview 3 times (June 2019, Jan 2021, July 2021) and no update till now.
Right now, I'm thinking about divorce. How will this whole predicament affect my Green Card and what can I do? I need your advise
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Card Being Produced
Just received a message: Card in Production.
Healthcare workers, please, call USCIS and ask to expedite your case. I did that yesterday, and here we are!
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Seattle filer & interviewed in Portland OR
Married 2/10/2019 happily married without any issues.
Filed 130 485 on 4/15/2019 marriage base
Ready to interview on 7/20/2019
Ready to interview on 10/20/2021 again
Scheduled on 11/20/2021
Scheduled for 1/3/2022
After my name was called, officer said: this is a separate interview, who wants to go first? My husband went in with him for over an hour. Later I was interviewed for about 1.5+ hours. However all others marriage based applicants were interviewed together and average about 20-30 minutes for each couple. Our interview 3.5 hours and got separated.
We were treated differently from the beginning.
After the interview I was told three possibilities 1/ denied, 2/ granted, or 3/need more information. They will send out mail.
Questions about relationships. Who asked whom to move in together? When moved in together and where? When became boyfriend and girlfriend? How we met and etc,. What we did last night and the night before?
I provided my tax return as part of our household income but he returned it to me and only kept my husband’ tax return for 2020.
I will update on the results
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2nd time case has been transferred to a new office
Hello, I'm wondering if someone is in the similar boat of any insights in this regard. I filed my GC along with my husband (his priority date was before me). Now my husband has gotten his GC but my case has been transferred multiple time. My case was with Nebraska Immigration office, it got transferred to Missouri, after 2 months it got transferred back to the same Nebrask office. The message from USCIS reads the same...that they are redistruting the work.
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Hello guys, how are you and I pray you all have a
prosperous new year.
I am 30 years old and my wife is 36 years old with 5
kids which the eldest is 19 and a lil bit taller than me
When we were dating before we married, she didn't tell
me she has kids of that numbers. She only told me she
had one kid which I knew and to cut the story short we
got married and she filed for me and I later knew that
she has more kids but we love each other but her older
kids, the idea of us being with each other doest sit well
with them. There was so much trouble From them and
my wife was changing along the line. She moved out,
abandoned me and start seeing someone else we went
for our interview and they gave me NOID which I
replied with little evidence because there was no
support from her and it was later denied and now she
want to divorce me and move on with her life... the
story is more than that I can't just explain it through
We've been married for almost 3yrs
If she divorce me, I hope they wouldn't deport me.
Thanks and happy new year
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