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Adjustment of Status - I-485

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Hello all, Please advise if able:

This is what we have gathered:
- All my docs. Passport, past visas, EAD, advance parole. Birth cert, translation. Notices etc..
- All of of spouse documents (USC)
- Our paychecks, W2's and joint tax returns for 2019.
Joint docs:
- Water bill
- electric bill
- Home security bills
- Last few months of mortgage bills
- Closing disclosure / we bought our house in April.
- House insurance
- All our joint bank account statements
- Car insurance
- Statements from her parents, my parents
- Pictures of us since high school. Been together since 2013. Married in 2019.
- Pictures of her with my family, and vice versa.

ANYTHING MAJOR we're forgetting?
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Moved from one state to other after interview with pending decision/
hi all,
i have question or if some one have same situation like me,

i file my case in may 2019 we had interview in 25th September 2019, but after 1 year of interview we didn't get any decision YET nor any home visit, we just moved FL on 15th October 2020 from Rhode island to ,i updated my new address of FL online on USCIS Website .
I HAVE QUESTION is they gonna schedule us for an other interview or they can make decision on it? its going to be 2 years of our marriage in January 2021,if any one have same situation pls share your experience ..
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AOS filing with careless driving ticket in NJ in 2009
I'm on H1 visa. My employer's immigration attorney asked me to file my GC with a private attorney who can handle criminal+immigration matters just because I had a careless driving ticket in 2009 in NJ. Does it really make sense? Any of you had any related experience? Does careless driving ticket in NJ really cause any issue with GC?
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So I want to know if anyone had the same experience with there GC process
Our application is employment base GC L1A
Our I40 was approved June 2018
Our AOS was filed 8 Nov 2019
We got a RFE for our marriage Jul 2020 Where they requested what was my intention for marriage “ we’ve been married for 32 yr”
Well we send in proof. And they receive it in Aug 2020 But since then no response
Do I have to worry?
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Just checked the status and it says interview was completed and the case is being reviewed. This is two weeks after. I see some people heard from them 30 days after the interview and some people right after. Anyone in CT got this and was approved right after?

@zman any word?
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Advance parole question
I applied for advance parole I 131 for my 8 year old son [PD May 5, 2020]. It was filed concurrently with I 485. His biometrics for I 485 were completed on August 5, 2020. But I am yet to receive his advance parole. I raised a service request for it being beyond normal processing time. USCIS said it will respond by October 30, 2020. I have not received any response. What should I do next? Should I raise another service request? Thanks
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Card was picked up by USPS
PD: June 28 2019 (Rest of the world)

12/30/2019 => Received Case
01/30/2020 => Fingerprint Taken
02/21/2020 => RFAE (Request for Initial Evidence) Reg: Birth Certificate
03/20/2020 => USCIS Received RFIE
05/22/2020 => RFE for Medical (Doctors signature was over 60 days when case was received)

I send the RFE response on June 1st and it was delivered to USCIS on June 3rd based on USPS tracking no.
After that there was no update online. I was worried if my RFE response got lost, therefore I called USCIS but did not get any useful response.
Next day I did a Service Request (Submit Case Inquiry) and after few days got the response that it was received.

From March to September there was retrogression for EB3 case.

On October 15th did another Service Request. Got the response my PD was not current or Immigration(visa) number was not assigned to me.

I was getting frustrated since there was no update since May 22nd. Therefore Yesterday Oct 26th I did a live chat with agent via Emma and got
the response that my case was approved on October 20, 2020.

Today, my online status changed to "Card was picked up by USPS".

Don't rely on online Case Status. Try to reach out to USCIS via Phone, Email(Submit a case Inquiry) or live agent chat (Emma)
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I applied for Vawa in January 2019 and I'm still waiting for USCIS to make a decision on my case its been 21 months. I have received EAD and Prima Facie . is there any way they can ask for RFE or something else at this point. or if someone can help me with what to do please I need your help

thank you so much, please if anyone can help me I don't know what to do
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GC approved - Montgomery AL
We had our interview today.
Went in 15 min before schedule time, waited for about 15min, and the interview took ~15min. He just went over the i-485 and i-130 questions and told us at the end our application was approved.
Just wanted to post to say that I see a lot of people in this forum with really long wait times and issues, just wanted to share that thankfully that was not the case for us.

Field Office: Montgomery Alabama
PD: Jan 2020
Fingerprints: Feb 2020
March: RFIE (Forgot to add a translation)
Early April: Ready to schedule interview
June: EAD Approved
September 17: Interview is scheduled
October 27: Case is approved
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Interview notice
Today after 7 months of ready to schedule for an interview I got my interview notice for December 2nd in Tampa FL, no update online
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