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Lihkin     10/10/2019 09:28 AM

Hi all,

I am heading to India (Delhi) for a couple of months and thought about getting my OCI card there (I am currently in the process of renunciation at the SF mission and they don't allow applying for OCI and renouncing at the same time - for some weird reason). I emailed FRRO Delhi to ask about documents etc, but they told me that it is better to apply in the US as they only accept OCI applications from applicants that have resided more than 80% of the time in India. Any one here has obtained their OCI card while on vacation in India? Here is the full email from them:


Foreign national is authorized to apply for OCI card at place where he/she is residing ordinarily (means 80% of the year). You are advised to apply to Embassy of India abroad where you are residing.

Team support
For FRRO, Delhi


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mdox     10/15/2019 14:16 PM

I am in the same boat with renunciation in progress in SF mission, but I could only get a one month e-visa to visit India so not eligible to apply for OCI in India.


Lihkin     10/15/2019 16:17 PM

Did you only apply for a one month e-visa? I applied for the 1 year visa and got it.


ExpiredUSPassport     12/13/2019 02:02 AM

Hi Lihkin - Did you apply for OCI in India? I need to renew my kids' OCI. I did not renew their OCI after renewing their US passport and now dont have enought time to renew. so I plan to take e-visa and renew it after going to India. I plan to take 1 yr e-visa.
Can you share your experience of applying OCI in India. In my case, its not the first time OCI application. Its renewing to make sure its linked to the new US passport.

thanks in advance


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