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OCI Document Upload question
I've completed part A and part B of the new OCI application and about to upload required documents. Please let me know if I need to notarized all documents before uploading and mailing to VFS?
Thank you!
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Minor OCI Renewal - Process Update
Does anyone have updated information on the new process of uploading the documents on to the OCI gov website for OCI Renewals for Child?

It looks like they have taken that notice down, it used to say that new process to upload passport and photo copy uploaded will be available on 15 July 2021. But i did not see any such changes to Miscellaneous section of the OCI Govt site.
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New OCI - Washington DC
June 8, 2021: Mailed Application
June 11, 2021: Date of Acknowledgement
July 9, 2021: Printed, Sent by MEA, Received at DC Embassy
July 16, 2021: Received via FedEx

Total 38 days. Except for the initial acknowledgement via email, VFS sent no other communication. GoI Embassy tracking page was more informative as compared to VFS's tracking page.

No need to send either the (cancelled) Indian passport or the US passport with your application. Also, payment via AmEx creates issues on VFS website; best to use Visa or MasterCard.
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New OCI - NY
Mailed - June 18
ACD - June 22
Approved -- July 12
Card in Hand - July 15.
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NEW OCI foriegn spouse - Houston
Mailed - VFS received application March 3rd
Received interview *** call - June
Current status - Your application has reached at the Embassy/Consulate and is currently under review process

I havent called VFS but previous experience with them has been horrible. Not sure what I should do. Its been over 4 months and I'm still waiting
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NEW OCI child & foreign spouse - Washington DC
Mailed - Jun 5
DOA - Jun 11
Print Status Processed - Jul 6 --> now 7/14
Dispatched from MEA - Jul 7 --> now 7/15
Doc received at DC - Jul 7 ---> now 7/15

Foreign Spouse:
Mailed - Jun 1
Virtual Consulate Interview - Jun 8
DOA - Jun 10
Print status Processed - Jul 8
Dispatched from MEA - Jul 9
Document received at DC - Jul 9
FedEx Delivery due to arrive - Jul 16

Our VFS statuses are still showing "reached at the Embassy/Consulate and is currently under review process". Trying not to be concerned. When they ship do we get a tracking number for the courier? We live in an apartment complex and FedEx is notorious for having issues with delivery.

UPDATE: Signed up for FedEx Delivery Manager and got notification that MY document is on its way. VFS status remains the same for both of us tho. Decided to check OCI website for the heck of it and noticed my sons dates AND OCI number changed!! I'm hoping this means his will be dispatched next week. But still curious why the details changed. Wonder if they made some error and had to reprint. I've received no other communications, so it wasn't on my end at least.
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OCI Shipping Labels to VFS
Hope this info helps someone applying for OCI ---

They mentioned in this page - You need to send 2 return labels when you ship the package. One will be used to send the passport back to you and the other one for OCI card.

This is the message I got from VFS:

Please send us a one way prepaid shipping label for us to courier your OCI card to you. Only round trip courier was paid and the remaining courier was used to send back the physical passport that was sent in.

Also, lot of people have question regarding Downloading courier labels. You don't need to worry about return label, it will be generated by VFS. This note is there when you click on "Download Courier Labels". This is either new or lot of us don't read the text.

Note: Outgoing courier labels will be generated by VFS Indian Consular Application Centre (S) & you will be getting tracking email notifications from
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HOUSTON Consulate
01-JUN - Mailed out Application
02-JUN - VFS Status "Your application is being verified and currently under process at the VFS Indian Consular Application Centre"
03-JUN - VFS Status "Your application has reached at the Embassy/Consulate and is currently under review process"
03-JUN - Acknowledged on the Govt site
05-JUL - Govt site status shows printed, dispatched from MEA and received at Houston
08-JUL - VFS Status "Your Application has been reviewed by the Embassy of India/ Consulate General of India & will be dispatched using the courier service you had opted."
09-JUL - Received OCI via FedEx

Total 39 days from mailing out the application to receiving the OCI. Processing speeds have definitely improved. My renunciation at Houston took nearly 4 weeks, and I was expecting the OCI would take over 2 months. So it was pleasant surprise.

But there was something unpleasant inside. The printing on the photo page is crooked/slanted. My name and other information is partially printed on the page text below. Kind of upset that they couldn't ensure a proper print after charging $300. I will contact the consulate and see what they say.
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OCI Processing time SFO consulate
Myself and my wife applied for new OCI (June 5th). We got our cards yesterday
The processing times are aound one month now. Pleasantly surprised as I had really
long delays and bad experiences few years back.

Date Of Acknowledgment 05-JUN-2021
Registration Status at Mission SAN FRANCISCO
Documents Printing Status PROCESSED On 28-JUN-2021
Dispatched From MEA (OCI ) NEW DELHI On 29-JUN-2021
Document received At SAN FRANCISCO On 07-JUL-2021
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OCI Card Processing time in NY consulate
We (2 adults and 2 kids) applied for the OCI card

Sent documents by Fedex on June 5, 2021
Date of Acknowledgement: June 9, 2021
Documents Printing Status: 30-JUN-2021
Dispatched From MEA (OCI): 30-JUN-2021
Document received At: 30-JUN-2021

We received the documents on 6th July because of holiday. The processing times are improved greatly now and taking less than a month.
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