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Are OCI services resumed back in India and at the consulates?Did any received their OCI card in recent days.

I am waiting for my little ones card and the date of acknowledgement is 4th March.
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Old OCI Return?
I am in the process of renewing my OCI due to new passport. My question is does the old or my current OCI need to be returned to either Coxs and Kings or the Indian Government? Thanks in advance.
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NY CGI - New OCI Card Issued (Applied on 02/24/2020)
Hi all,

Thought I would update my case here. I had applied to the NY CGI for a new OCI card (Adult). My card got delayed due to the shelter in place rules in NY. Today I see that the card has been printed and is on its way to me. Looks like they have resumed their services. My timeline:

02/24/20 Application received at CKGS
02/25/20 Application verified and in transit to Consulate
02/26/20 Application under process at Consulate
02/26/20 Original US passport reviewed & mailed back to me in the prepaid envelope I provided
05/05/20 OCI document printed and received at NY CKGS
05/05/20 OCI document despatched to me via the prepaid envelope provided

FYI, since I live in LA and had chosen to have the OCI processed at NY CGI (as SF is slow and one can now choose to have an OCI processed outside one's jurisdiction), I had to provide 2 prepaid UPS envelopes (they don't accept USPS or FedEx). I received my US passport in the first one and will receive my OCI in this second one.

So it seems that CKGS and NY CGI are back to work - those of you waiting, should get some news soon too. For those that are applying, just make sure you include everything in the checklist (original and certified copies) - I have never had an issue with missing documents etc. with CKGS as I ensure that I include everything in the checklist.
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OCI status
I need assistance with regards to my OCI application status.
I see on the official website something like this..
OCI- NumberA......
Documents Printing Status PROCESSED On22-APR-2020
Dispatched From MEA (OCI )NEW DELHIOn
Document received AtSEOULOn.
Does it mean that my OCI card application has been approved? And It will be dispatched sooner or later? And what are the next steps I need to take?
Any help would be highly appreciated.
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OCI renewal at SFO
Your Application is ‘Under Process’ at the Consulate since 03/06/2020 .

I assume the consulate is not processing anything at this point because of Covid 19. Anyone else heard anything?

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New OCI card for Adults
Does anybody know if the OCI applications that were submitted and acknowledged prior to the lockdown are being processed? My understanding is that the OCI cards are approved, printed and shipped from India. is this correct?
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New OCI Card - Adult - Washington DC
I submitted my OCI application on Oct 24, 2019 at the Washington DC ckgs office.
My application's status is still UNDER-PROCESS.
I called emailed & several times, but no progress yet.
Any body else in the same boat ?
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New OCI Card Minor - NY Jurisdiction
Status on CKGS
Mar 25, 2020 - Wednesday 11:48 am OCI Card picked up by FedEx.
Mar 25, 2020 - Wednesday 11:30 am OCI Card ‘Received’ at the CKGS application centre and is at the ‘Sorting Facility’ where it is being processed for delivery.
Mar 25, 2020 - Wednesday 11:29 am OCI Card 'Reviewed' by Consulate and ‘In Transit’ to CKGS Application Centre.
Feb 21, 2020 - Friday 11:43 am Passport picked up by FedEx.
Feb 21, 2020 - Friday 11:15 am Original Passport ‘Received’ at the CKGS application centre and is at the ‘Sorting Facility’ where it is being processed for delivery.
Feb 21, 2020 - Friday 11:09 am Passport 'Reviewed' by Consulate and is ‘In Transit’ to CKGS Application Centre.
Feb 21, 2020 - Friday 09:44 am Application is 'Under Process' at Consulate for decision making.
Feb 20, 2020 - Thursday 05:22 pm Application is 'In Transit' to the Consulate.
Feb 20, 2020 - Thursday 02:45 pm Application is ‘Under Process’ at CKGS.
Feb 19, 2020 - Wednesday 01:25 pm Application Verification is ‘Complete’. Processing of your application will continue.
Feb 19, 2020 - Wednesday 01:14 pm Application ‘Received’ by CKGS and 'Not Verified'.

Stus on Indian Government website
21-FEB-2020 Date Of Acknowledgment
20-MAR-2020 Documents Printing Status PROCESSED
20-MAR-2020 Dispatched From MEA (OCI ) NEW DELHI
20-MAR-2020 Document received At NEW YORK CGI
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I am an US citizen and I am planning on applying for OCI for India from Atlanta Centre. Has anyone applied for it recently? I am little afraid to apply for it due to coronavirus. Your experiences or suggestions will be appreciated.
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This is my timeline for kids OCI re-issue for renewed [email protected] Houston Consulate.

Feb 24, 2020- Monday
Application Received by CKGS
Application Verification is Complete

Feb 25, 2020- Tuesday
Application is ‘Under Process’ at CKGS.

Feb 26, 2020 - Wednesday

Application is 'In Transit' to the Consulate.
Application is 'Under Process' at Consulate for decision making.

Mar 12, 2020 - Thursday
Application 'Reviewed' by Consulate and ‘In Transit’ to CKGS Application Centre.
OCI Card ‘Received’ at the CKGS application centre and is at the ‘Sorting Facility’ where it is being processed for delivery.
OCI Card picked up by FedEx.

Mar 13, 2020 Friday
Delivered by Fedex
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