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nirmalaeee     10/17/2019 17:37 PM

I have applied for new OCI card for my minor child. Below is the status in OCI India website. I have booked my flight tickets on Nov-18-2019. Please advise will I be able to get the OCI card on time(based on your experiences)? Also I am wondering if the Document printing status will be changed only after the OCI is received at CKGS?

Date Of Acknowledgment: 07-AUG-2019
Registration Status at Mission: WASHINGTON DC
Documents Printing Status: UNDER-PROCESS

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xyz12123     10/18/2019 15:17 PM

For your child did you apply on self basis or parent basis?
*Self as in your child was an ex citizen of India and during application you submitter his/her canceled Indian passport, renunciation cert etc.
Parent basis as in you submitted your child's birth certificate and your OCI card/ Indian passport

Generally you'll get the OCI card within 30-45 days of the date of acknowledgment for self basis but for parent basis it'll take longer.

In case you can't get the OCI card in time you can apply for an e visa within around 1 week before departure. E visas will be granted within 2-3 days and are done entirely through the internet (hence the name).

If the trip is to visit relatives/ attend family gatherings then its fine for your child to travel on an e visa but if your child is going to be involved in a legal process (eg land registration, bank account opening etc) then it's best to defer your trip until you receive your child's OCI card.


nirmalaeee     10/22/2019 13:14 PM

@xyz12123 : Thank you for replying.
I applied on parent basis with my child's birth certificate and our passports.

I will have to go for e-visa then, if I dont get it by the time I travel. I browsed for it. Is it electronic visa?

Also can you let me know if there are any customer service for oci services? I didnt get any reply from [email protected].


akoci     10/22/2019 14:52 PM

If the documents have been sent to the SFO consulate that means your basis on getting OCI is legit and will be processed.

Now the question is will you get OCI in time before you travel or not. No one can answer that question except for the people form the consulate. best way to reach them is via email or through a phone call. I do not have both of them.

My concern is if you get E-Visa will that over write your OCI application ? Most countries permit only one type of VISA for entering a country, since you have already applied for OCI and now you plan on applying to a Visitors visa. Just make sure your OCI is not canceled, because you choose to get E-Visa.

I am not trying to get you more worried. I hope you get your OCI on time.

There are visa that are called VISA on arrival, look into that aswell.


yousufarkay     10/22/2019 15:40 PM

I would say, based on application submission date as August 07 and its already past 2 months, you would receive the card anytime by this month end.. As I'm going through all discussions, that's my 2 cents.

But, it would be better and much appreciated, if you call CKGS and raise a request to have a check on your application. Just a matter of call or email, we never know.

Good luck.


nirmalaeee     10/23/2019 14:39 PM

Thank you for all your replies.

I called the Indian embassy today and they told that it has been issues today and the status has updated afterwards:)

Date Of Acknowledgment 07-AUG-2019
Registration Status at Mission WASHINGTON DC
Documents Printing Status PROCESSED On 23-OCT-2019
Dispatched From MEA (OCI ) NEW DELHI On 23-OCT-2019
Document received At WASHINGTON DC On 23-OCT-2019


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