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Elizabeth_T     10/29/2019 09:54 AM

Hello Everyone,
I have an unusual situation and was hoping I could get an advise on it.
My fiancé is working in the US on H1B with PERM in processing. I am getting an arranged marriage and have tried to get the F1 visa on my own but got denied on the grounds of 214B as my parents are retired and I was showing my parents savings for funding. Also, I already have an MBA from India with the same major as the Master’s program I applied in the US. I was asked ,if I was single and whether I was planning to come back to India after Masters ,for both I replied yes as we were not engaged at the time of my interview.
At present, I have an admit to a Master’s program in a different university with a different major for my Master’s in US. When I applied for my Master’s program to this University my marital status in the application is shown as ‘Single’. I am getting married in a week’s time.
As I have an opportunity to apply for an F1 visa again with a different major, I would like to understand whether it would be a good risk to apply for F1 visa after our wedding. With my fiancé as sponsor, and marital status in DS-160 changed to ‘Married’ and attend the visa interview within a span of one and a half month from my last interview.
Any suggestions and help would be highly appreciated.

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BLADI     10/29/2019 23:53 PM

It sounds like your goal is to just enter the U.S and be near your fiancee? Which is OK.
Wouldn't it be easier to apply for H-4 once you get married than F-1.

In the first application where you stated you were going to study MBA whilst you already had an MBA from India tells the Consular a lot of things about INTENT.
Listing your retired parents as sponsor doesn't help your financial bond.

Consular MIGHT want to know why you changed school and major?
Consular MIGHT want to know what you have been doing since you completed your MBA?
Consular MIGHT want to know if the marriage took place for the purpose of circumventing U.S laws so that your can list your new spouse as sponsor.

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Elizabeth_T     10/31/2019 13:35 PM

Thank you for the reply.
I did my MBA in Business Analytics. Previously ,I had applied for MS in Business Analytics and the new major I am choosing is Data Science.So the MBA kind of covered my Managerial aspects and the MS would be focused more onto the Technical side.

After my MBA,which is almost 2 years and 10 months ,I have been working in the field of Data Science.

I understand an H-4 would be easier to get, but then again I would be losing out on the benefits of an F-1.

Kindly suggest.


BLADI     11/01/2019 23:45 PM

1. What has changed since last denial?
2. Just prepare yourself to answer why you are applying for a F-1 when your husband is on H-1B which makes you eligible for H-4 where you can study cheaper?
3. What have you been doing with your MBA?
3. Why undertake another Masters when you already have an MBA?

Yes F-1 has benefits of OPT and whatnot.....but DoS isn't dumb either. They know what's going on.


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